The HP LaserJet 8150 Printer – A Solid Workhorse

by erin on October 26, 2010

The new HP LaserJet 8150 Printer w/ 8150 toner gives more than the normal printer of this size. Although designed to be mass produced, it can cope with a lot of printing needs. While it might not be ideal for a small business, larger businesses will benefit from its multiple capabilities. As it uses dry electrophotographic (DEP) technology and multifunction products (MFPs), the printing process is enhanced and multi-functional.

The printing and imaging technologies in the HP LaserJet 8150 allow access to internet solutions. HP is one of the first to have provided the ChaiServer Embedded Virtual Machine (EVM) programming environment allowing the use of Java (TM) applications. The machine can run a range of internet custom applications. EVM is available to customers as downloadable freeware from HP’s website.

The EVM technology allows web-based services to be developed such as automatically searching for internet sites and printing from them. The software is embedded in the print server and can be accessed via any web browser to configure the printer or get reports. With HP Web JetAdmin software, remote-management is possible.

With a powerful 250 MHz processor and 32 MB of memory, large print jobs and other tasks can be performed simultaneously. The 1200 dpi printing gives excellent quality while the HP FastRes 1200 technology avoids many print instructions from overwhelming the 8150. Printing 32 pages in a minute means it can handle up to 150,000 pages per month.

Large outputs require increased tray capacity which is provided for up to 3,100 pages. The output receiver takes 600 pages but can be augmented to 3,600 pages. Attachments exist for 3,000 sheet staplers and stacking. Projects are therefore printed in an organized fashion.

Built as a perfect cube with 29.5″ sides with a weight of 112 pounds means this is no desktop printer. It functions best as a stand alone on its own platform. Placing it in the centre of an area allows more people to be connected to it.

No host computer is needed as it will connect directly to the office router. The fast Ethernet option needs the connectivity of an HP Jetdirect EI print server. More networking possibilities are provided by two EIO slots. Older hardware connects via a parallel port based on IEEE 1284 bi-directional principles. Wireless servers can be used bypassing messy networking cables.

Capabilities can be customized for each customer. An expanded memory capacity, a 3.2 GB hard drive and a LANfax are possibilities. An onsite 1 year warranty guarantee constitutes a package with all cables and a 20,000 page cartridge. Driver, installation files and printing software are available on a CD-ROM and a user’s guide and information package are included.

Quite simply, the HP LaserJet 8150 Printer gives a great performance that is well worth the reasonable price. A lack of special features is counteracted by the ability to put out a large number of documents at speed making the printer good for most large projects. The HP toner is of excellent quality and no reprints will be necessary. The toner provides identical quality from first to last page printed. Ordering toner online gives appreciable benefits in saving on costs.

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