A Big Fish Story, Catching The Blue Marlin

by Bridget on January 30, 2012

The blue marlin is an amazingly beautiful fish. It is also one of the largest fish to roam the ocean. This strikingly unique species spend most of their lives far out in the ocean. Their large size and physique have made them very popular for deep sea fishing tours and charters. Because of their size and their beauty they are one of the most popularly fished species in the sea.


The blue marlin is the largest Atlantic marlin; the species is also classified as on of the biggest fish in the world. Males tend to be smaller than females; the females can range from 11 to 14 feet in length and weigh anywhere from 400 pounds to 1,985 pounds.


The physique of the blue marlin makes it very easy to recognize. Their size makes them very easy to identify as well as their coloring. Their bottom half features a sparkling white while their top half is a cobalt-blue. They have a very distinct dorsal fin and their spear-like jaw is very identifying as well. They are very fast and agile creatures, and highly dangerous as well.


Blue marlins are located in tropical waters. They are native to the warmer temperatures that can be found in the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian Oceans. They stay near the surface of the water as the temperature is warmer. Their cuisine includes: mackerel, tuna, and the occasional squid. In addition to their feeding habits they also follow the warm ocean currents in their migratory pattern.


Blue marlins are commonly featured on fishing charters due to the battle that ensues when trying to reel them in. They are notorious for wrestling fishing lines and creating quite a struggle for fishermen, giving credence to the ‘big fish story’ that is often told among fishermen. They are considered prized catches for this reason and are fished very frequently. Their population may be reaching minimal levels.


Due to their notoriety in the fishing world, their numbers in the wild may be decreasing. Those who study blue marlins and are conservationists are concerned about the unregulated fishing for sport as well as for the meat that blue marlins provide. Many areas will fish the blue marlin for their meat which is considered a delicacy in many places such as Japan, where is served raw as Sashimi.

The blue marlin is a stunningly beautiful species of fish and incredibly large in size compared to fish found in the seas. These are a few of the reasons they are considered prized catches in the fishing world. They offer a fisherman a struggle in a capture attempt, and also offer up quite a trophy with regard to weight and size, not to mention a delicious meat. Because of these they are fished very frequently. Hopefully working with scientist and conservationists the blue marlin species will survive and expand even as panama fishing carters and fishing tours continue to fish this beautiful creature.

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