A Damaged Passport Should Not Be Used

by erin on June 3, 2010

When a passport becomes damaged, it should be replaced with a new one. In most cases, even if the passbook only has slight water damage, airline personnel or security staff will refuse it. This can put quite a damper on the travel plans, so take steps to replace the damaged passport in advance of traveling.

Individuals who have damaged passbooks are not eligible to get these renewed using the mail-in service. They are also not eligible for the government process of same day passbook renewal for emergency purposes. Therefore, they must re-apply for a passbook and follow the steps that an initial applicant does. Though this may seem like a hassle, it is designed for the safety and protection of everyone.

The first step to replacing a damaged passport is to complete the form DS-11 found on the U.S. State Department. Applicants may also get this form from the U.S. Passport Agency or the Acceptance Facility. The electronic form allows for online completion but it must then be printed. The form may also be handwritten but it should be done clearly in order to make sure that everything is legible. The completed version of the form is not allowed to be submitted online at this time.

The completed DS-11 form and supporting documentation must be hand carried to a Acceptance Facility or a Passport Agency. The applicant must not sign the application form until advised to when appearing at the agency office. Proof of Social Security number must also be supplied to the government agent when the individual submits the application.

The supporting documentation that must be provided includes identity verification and citizenship paperwork. The applicant can prove identity by providing a previously issued undamaged U.S. Passport or a certified copy of a birth certificate. This birth certificate must contain the signature of a city, county, or state registrar, a registrar seal, and the date the document was filed. If the applicant was born outside the U.S., consulate-issued proof of birth abroad, naturalization certificate, or a citizenship certificate will be acceptable. An applicant who does not have any of these documents should refer to the government agency Web site for details regarding permitted secondary documentation.

Not only must the original document be provided, a photocopy of it must be submitted to the agent. The government has certain specifications for the photocopy and these guidelines are listed on the Department of State Web site. If the applicant supplies a witness as a form of secondary identification, that person also must turn in a copy of his or her identification. The government needs to verify the identity of the witness as well as the applicant.

Two identical copies of a color photo of the applicant must also be supplied. These will be used to create the passbook document so they need to measure two by two inches. They must have been taken within the past six months and reflect a full view of the front of the applicant’s face.. All of the requirements for photos are listed on the Department of State Web site, so applicants should read this information carefully to avoid rejection of photos. An application fee of $100 must also be submitted and an additional $20 will be due if the applicant would like a passport card. The applicant will receive the passbook in the mail within four to six weeks.

When your passbook is damaged, you need to get a need a passport replacement This will require that the individual complete the DS-11 form and provide proof of citizenship and identity. Color photos and an application fee must also be submitted. The information will be processed and within four to six weeks, the individual will have a American passports and no worries about being detained by customs.

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