A Guide To Hiking Abroad

by erin on September 7, 2010

Reconnecting with nature is something that not only feels refreshing, but is also a great way to exercise and explore. Hiking is an excellent way to do this. There is something so natural feeling about simply walking through the woods or on a mountain and you can be sure that there are gorgeous places all over the world that beg to be explored. And your first step on this journey is to download and fill out a new passport application.

For those who are experienced hikers, trekking is an adventure in the next step up. This is an intense form of hiking that often incorporates the assistance of a guide as well as horses or donkeys to help along the way. A ‘trekking’ experience can last days and requires climbing as well as strenuous hiking abilities.

If the idea of incorporating hiking or trekking into your vacation interests you, there are several beautiful spots around the globe that you may want to consider visiting. New Zealand holds a strong attraction to those who love this sport. The landscapes of New Zealand incorporate beauty with exotic plants and animals making the environment and ecosystem exciting and memorable. Another location providing a well known hiking trail is the Inca Trail in Peru. Here, you will experience rainforests, cloudy mountain tops and an opportunity to visit the world famous ancient city of Machu Picchu. Chile provides a hiking experience along the Torres del Paine Circuit. Recognized by UNESCO as a biosphere reserve, it is for the most part untouched and an extraordinary exploration opportunity. If experiencing giant glacial fields, mountains and the famous pink granite pillars interests you, Chile needs to be your destination.

Whether you are an experienced hiker or a novice, safety should always be your number one concern. It is imperative that you have a map or field guide describing your route to avoid getting lost. These can be obtained on line or at the welcome center at many hiking locations. If you will be experiencing a mountain climb, be sure to have the proper attire as the temperatures will drop as you ascend. Last but not least, be sure you have a first aid kit.

With so many beautiful places to visit all around the world, you don’t want to be limited because you don’t have a passport. There are many online passport agencies ready to help you get expedited pasport application so even if you wait till the last minute, don’t give up. Help is available as close as your home computer.

If you want to experience nature firsthand, perhaps you should consider a hiking vacation. The simple life just doesn’t get any better than walking through the wilderness with the sun and wind at your back. If you don’t want your opportunities to be limited, be sure you have a current passport so go online to access a passport site where you can download a US passport application forms. If you have waited until the last minute, you can even enjoy the service of expedited U S passport application and you can do so with confidence. These sites are efficient and secure and with your passport in hand, you can be on your way to a memorable experience with nature.

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