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by erin on May 23, 2011

Millions of businesses, world wide, began with the notion of changing the way we see the world. Since the beginning of time, commerce, trade and economies, has predicted the rise and fall of empires. Small business is the fuel behind all industrialized economies and many owners are concerned about theirs. Phone, Internet, Fax and VoIP, are all services that owners are in need of. Through a Nextiva review, potential customers are able to see up to date information about their company, including features, quality, set-up and activation.

VoIP Service

Nextiva, a front-liner, is considered one of the fastest growing providers in America. Their VoIP service has changed the way we communicate. Through the use of the Internet, VoIP allows its users to, economically, make phone calls, emails and more, through their Internet provider. The use of this service is a rising trend and is predicted to replace traditional phone service in the future.

Account Activation

Activation: Activating your account, is quick and easy. First, register through their online website, by providing personal information, such as name, address, phone, email and billing information. After processed, an email confirmation is sent to the email provided, requiring the recipient to open. After account is confirmed and activate, customers are then able to proceed in purchasing additional services.


Set-up: Installing and setting up is also fairly quick when compared to their competitors. Customers, have the option of using their own equipment or device or choosing to buy one from the provider. Others have stated that, when purchasing a device, this system is more effective than using your own due to the simplicity of installation.

Current Features

Features: They currently offer two features, Nextiva Connect and Nextiva Connect360. Both plans are sufficient, yet individual. Others usually provide a variety of plans but by limiting theirs to only two, this provides easy navigation for potential clients.


Connects is geared towards home business owners, self-contractors, entrepreneurs, sole proprietors and those who have little to no employees. Connect360 is designed to help owners have a small office or a large office, with a substantial amount of workers. Their basic plan, The Connect, cost the user an average of $8.95 per month and has few options. The Connect360 has a variety of options and features to suit larger businesses and cost $19.95 per month. Additional benefits include a 30-day money back guarantee. Customers are given access to a web-management portal, which allows the customer full responsibility and functionality of their account services and features. Auto-attendants are customizable and upgradeable.

Quality Aspects

Quality: Different aspects are usually considered when looking at quality. Their services are comparable to most major VoIP providers, providing clear and effective calling. Both of their plans support standard voice codes but they do not currently support wideband (HC) codes. Wideband is an upgraded version of standard transmission, which provides higher quality and reception. Nextiva is currently in the process of making the necessary changes to upgrade to this system.

Providers Service

Finally, due to the enormous number of providers available, finding the right one can be hard for your virtual phone. Most are comparable and equivalent in basic services and features, but they provide a quick and easy way for beginners to use VoIP. After considering their services such as activation, set-up, quality and features, a Nextiva review has established that this company is currently providing quality, reliable and inexpensive service from which anyone can benefit.

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