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by erin on May 26, 2011

Reliable communications has proven to be one of the most important factors of the modern era, especially telephone service. Telephone service is a vital necessity of billions of people worldwide. Prior to the telephone being created, men and women lived without any reliable means of communication. Due to this lack, people were restricted to only talking to others that were within close range. Since its development, it has transformed into what we see today, “Virtual Phone” service. This service provides the ability to speak, talk and communicated via the Internet. In a brief Phone.com review, those seeking more information will be able to view the benefits of this system including pros and cons.

Pros: They provide many features at a minimum cost. This is very beneficial to owners since their services serve small businesses. In addition to minutes provided, owners can also receive additional minutes, lines and extensions. Because of this, customers receive minutes at a very low cost. For those owners looking to save money and cut expenses, this is great.

Year Of Support

In addition to cost, 24-hour, 356-day a year support is also a pro. Providing well-trained individuals, Phone.com’s support staff is available anytime a customer needs to call. They answer questions and provide assistance on a wide range of issues including technical questions, billing and account information.

Rated Features

Also, their Voice Mail to Text Transcription program has been highly rated by its subscribers. User’s not only receive standard voice recorded messages but they also have the option to received these messages transcribed into a text message, which in turn is sent to their cell phone. This can be very convenient for busy owners who might have the time to call their voice mail.

Additional Bonus

An additional bonus that’s provided is International Virtual Numbers. In addition to owners receiving a provided local number, they also can sign-up to receive an International Virtual number. This allows companies to provide their clients and customers located in foreign countries a local number. This concept is innovative in thought, being that many businesses have or are trying to expand international interest.

Lack Of ACD

Cons: If any, the lack of ACD Queuing would be a definite con. The lack of this service is non-relevant to many smaller business owners but can be proven highly beneficial to larger ones. They do offer Hunt Group Queuing, which is suitable and effective for most small business owners.

Bundle Packages

Another possible con would be the lack of bundled packages. Many consumers are seeking to purchase bundles services and products. This often allows for an easier shopping experience. Most bundles also provide packaged deals at a low price.

Virtual Services

Although virtual services are the power behind future technology, it has also proven to be the major power behind the way people communicate. Small and large business owners seek out reliable and dependable, communication services. They are aware of the fact that all successful businesses require high quality communications, including telephone service. A Phone.com review took a general look at their pros, cons and overall features. With additional features such as minutes, phone lines and extensions, many of their customers have given them a mark of satisfaction. In addition to added features, they also provide inexpensive cost per minutes, Voice Mail to Text Transcription and International Virtual Numbers. These services help to establish their brand as a leader in virtual phone service.

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