A Short Guide Acquiring a Passport Name Change

by erin on June 3, 2010

Gaining access to exit the country, a person must first obtain a legal passport with the correct identification inside. This seems like an obvious statement but in cases when someone legally changes, a new and updated passport must be issued. There are steps in updating this document for passport name change that must be followed to the letter.

A variety of reasons exist why someone would have to change their name on a passport. For each specific circumstance, there is a new set of rules and guidelines that must be followed. Marriage, court order, and adoption are a few of these reasons. Each different example of a name change carries along with its own requirement and fees for obtaining a new passport.

Time is an important factor in changing the name on someone’s passport. When a passport has to be reissued in the same year no fees will be incurred. The person seeking a new passport simply has to mail the government a marriage certificate, court ordered name change documents, the old passport, and a completed DS-5504 document. The only payment made is optional for quicker processing.

After one year from the issued date, a person wishing to get a new passport because of name change must pay for a new passport. Legal documents need to be mailed to the passport agency along with the old passport and a DS-82 form. Two recent photographs that meet up with government standards will also be required and will appear in the new booklet.

If all the documents for a name change cannot be produced, the road to getting a new passport becomes a little rockier. The person seeking a new passport must go to the agency in person and prove their new identity to officials. The DS-11 form must be completed and you will have to pay a “first time” fee because the government looks at it like a completely new identity.

Not having the correct legal documentation of a name change will cause other consequences. A person who needs a new passport must have 3 documents showing the use of the assumed name. You will also have to show that the name you’re trying to switch to has been used for at least five years. Also two current photographs must be provided or taken at the passport facility.

Kids who need a passport name change due to adoption and other reasons have their own checklist to follow in order to change their names on a passport. The birth certificate and adoption decree will be necessary. Along with a completed DS-11 and fees depending on the time, both parents must to the office to and establish their guardianship over the child.

A expedited American passport name change hinges upon the different situations which produce the need for a name change. Also, having all the correct documents necessary ready for government processing is vital. Any person who wants to travel outside the country must have a passport. When getting a name change for the passport applications, try to do it in a timely fashion to avoid expense renewal fees.

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