A Short Understanding Of Telecom Billing Solution

by adam on May 10, 2010

A telecom billing software can be a topic that is difficult for some people to understand at first. There is so much information that is associated with the basic technology, and most of it is not explained to general people. For this reason, it can seem somewhat intimidating. However, the main points related to the technology and its history can be summarized to some extent.

The term OSS stands for operational support system. The system is only used by telecommunication providers for their businesses that are associated with them. The term can be used to refer to network inventory and network systems associated with these companies. The term can also be used to refer to various components that need to be configured for the network or any other provisional services.

It is important not to confuse this with the term BSS. BSS stands for business support system. This term is somewhat new and is just recently starting to become popular. This refers to the businesses that have to take orders and deal with payments. In addition, the businesses also deal with customers and the processing of bills to those customers. While BSS and OSS should not get confused, they are often used together because of how they relate.

All OSS tasks were completed by people before 1970. After 1970, people realized that many of these tasks could be done by technology that was being created at the time. This would fill in for human labor. Telecommunication companies then created computer systems that could maintain and complete the tasks that humans previously needed to do.

Due to this choice, Unix and C programming language were created as a result. There were many other variations of technology which occurred as well and can still be seen in the world today. However, the systems that were originally used for OSS could not be networked together. This meant that tasks had to be completed separately by the systems.

Because information was not available to be directly sent between systems, there had to be an individual that would pass the information instead. This involved someone that would transfer information via switches and plugs. This was the only option that could be used to pass information between the systems as a whole until networking was eventually discovered and perfected.

Although OSS has matured and changed greatly over the years, it is still very expansive and also expensive to maintain. It has been said that one of the main goals of the overall telecommunications industry is to create an OSS that will be smaller, more organized, and less expensive to maintain. There is always constant work to try to improve this production.

This is the most simple overview of the main history and points of the system. This technology is always changing and expanding as time progresses. It is hoped that as years continue, there will be a greater change in the technology that is associated with telecom billing system itself.

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