Experiencing Algeria – A Travel Guide

by erin on December 10, 2010

Algeria is a large country in Northern Africa that is noteworthy for its rich culture and history. It is also worth noting how many UNESCO World Heritage Sites can be found in Algeria, of which there are seven. This special distinction is given to places that harbor an invaluable amount of culture, history, or natural significance. So if you’re looking to visit a place with a lot of importance to our world, consider visiting Algeria. Just remember that you will need a passport if you are thinking of traveling abroad. Online passport renewal can help do this for you

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If you decide to travel to Algeria, you will no doubt want to make sure to stop by the its capital city, Algiers. There are two different sections to this city: they ancient city and the modern city. The ancient city is a nice place to visit. It is located behind the town on a very steep hill. Visiting this location will give you a peek into the start of this civilization. Another noteworthy mention is that Algiers is located next to the Mediterranean Sea so you will also be able to enjoy beautiful landscape on your visit.

One of the UNESCO sites you will want to check out on your trip is The Mzab Valley. This area is very unique because the people that used to inhabit the town were very skilled architects and built their city to be very adapted to their surroundings. It was developed into five different walled off sections that each offer something interesting to see. Another UESCO site is Tipaza. While this location is somewhat new, it has some amazing archaeological remains of the Phoenician empire, as well as some Roman ruins and beautiful beaches.

Also worth mentioning is the Beni Hammand Fort, a fortified city built around the year 1000 a.d. that is one of the best examples of a Muslim fortified city. Djemlia is a location that features some amazing roman ruins, arches, theaters, temples, and lots more.

Also, Tassili n’Ajier, which is famous for its amazing land formations that are caused by erosion is another must see spot. Here, you can also witness many ancient rock paintings that were drawn by cavemen in prehistoric days!

Clearly, there is much to see in the country of Algeria. When you visit this place, make sure to come prepared with a list of the different things that you want to see so that you can make sure not to miss anything. Just remember that you will need your passport when you are traveling internationally. If you are in need of USA passport renewal expedited service, your best option is to find a website to use. These sites will offer any service you need. So when you are ready to travel, just make sure that you have a camera with you to take lots of pictures!

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