Antalya – Home To A Vast Historical Heritage And Gorgeous Beaches

by erin on May 18, 2011

It’s true that our planet is home to so many absolutely gorgeous places. However, not all of these places are very interesting; they only have their good looks going for them, so to speak. Antalya isn’t one of these places. Sitting right on the Mediterranean Sea in southwest Turkey, Antalya is a city that flaunts both beauty and fascination. It’s regarded as an important part of the Turkish Riviera, and a stunning array of green mountains surrounds the city. With all of the beautiful and interesting things to encounter, you can be sure your time here will be amazing. However, a passport is needed first, and you can get one by filling out a passport application.

File Application

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Vacation Destination

There are many things that make Antalya a great vacation destination. For example, the beaches are stunning, there are tons of historical ruins, buildings, landmarks as well as old architecture and art, and the surrounding natural areas are gorgeous. The famous historic center of Antalya is Kaleiçi, and here you will find much of the city’s history, along with restaurants and shopping. There are also hotels in Kaleiçi, meaning you can stay right in the midst of the historical hub of Antalya. Simply exploring the area is fun because of all the winding streets, old buildings, and the ancient city walls. Hadrianus Gate, constructed by an ancient Roman Emperor, is a very important landmark you can check out, as well as the ancient Roman Aspendos Theatre, the old clock tower, and the various other ruins located all throughout the city.

Historical Center

Apart from the historical center is the downtown area, which has all the charm of a busy city with all the big-city staples: nightclubs, bars, and plenty of people. Sometimes there are big exhibitions, live performances, and festivals. There is a very good archaeology museum called the Antalya Museum, and there is also Tunek Hill, which is right outside the city. The hill has awesome views of the surrounding areas, and there is even a rotating restaurant at the top.

Mediterranean Sea

The beaches call for a vacation in themselves. There are many nice resorts and hotels to accommodate those looking to stay near the beach and enjoy the Mediterranean Sea. Karpuzkaldiran, Konyaalti, and Lara are some of the top-recommended beaches to visit. Also be sure to visit Karaalioglu Park, which is located right on the water and is close to the very impressive ancient Hidirlik Tower.

Relaxing Trip

No matter if you prefer relaxing beach vacations or historically interesting vacations or a fun combination of the two, Antalya is a great location. Get started by filling out a passport application. Visit an easy-to-use passport expediting website, and look into getting an expedited passport.

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