Argentina: A Merge Of Modest Travel And Untamed Biodiversity

by erin on June 15, 2010

When thinking of a place to take a vacation, many people don’t consider South America, and this is pretty unfortunate. As a travel destination growing in popularity, South America is famous for its distinguishing cultures and amazing biodiversity. It’s these features that keep South America inseparable from nature. Also, the currency exchange of South America means that you and your family can travel and enjoy a luxurious vacation for surprisingly low prices. Fancy resorts line many of South America’s famous beaches and world-known parties take place in its streets. Huge, colorful festivals and long, comfortable days on the beach are among the experiences that South America has to offer, making it a very unique sort of vacation destination.

Argentina, called “The End of The World” is located on the southern end of South America. With the southern tip only 200 miles from Antarctica, Argentina provides a window into the chilly frontiers of the South Pole. However, Argentina itself boasts beautiful weather that suits both beach lounging and mountain climbing. It has a rich history that has led to a population of very culturally-rich people.

Eco-tourism draws people to Argentina from all over the world. The beaches are untamed, the mountains are white-capped and jagged, and the harsh plains of Patagonia are all within reach, meaning you only have to travel a little outside the cities to witness Argentina’s animal residents and preserved landscapes for yourself. Even so, Argentina has so much more than pristine natural beauty. A trip to Buenos Aires, Argentina’s biggest city, provides parties, great food, and an inexpensive city adventure. Some other popular cities are Cordoba, Rosario, and Mendoza.

Buenos Aires has a reputation for amazing nightlife that incorporates the cultural flavor. The alluring and amazing tango is performed everywhere possible, including in the streets, making Buenos Aires the tango capital of the world. You can still find all the staples of a big city, including bars, clubs, casinos, and resorts. However, that strong connection to nature is never broken. Visiting Buenos Aires is a cheaper and more daring way to experience city life, all while retaining its subtlety. The only thing you need is your U S passport to get there.

If you are the type that craves wild experiences, look into traveling to Argentina. Take a break from the touristy, overdone vacations and take a look into something a little different. Especially when it’s Argentina, making your decision will be easy. With its one-of-a-kind cultures and untouched natural landscapes, you will be sure to experience a vacation that will grant you a different sort of adventure.

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