Austria – Gorgeous Scenery, Delicious Cuisine, Dynamic Music Scene

by erin on November 23, 2010

Austria is a Eastern European country with a very colorful past, as per usual for most European countries. Famous for fascinating cities, beautiful landscapes, and historic towns and villages, Austria a country that offers a little something for everyone. Whether you are traveling here to go skiing, do a little historical exploring, or just want to see the sites, you will need to get a passport. You can do this by going online and filling out passport application forms right from your computer.

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Austria is full of fun things to do, and it really depends on how you would like to spend your time. Consider starting with a bike ride. Austria is recognized for its bike routes, both the ones throughout the cities as well as the countryside. There is one that is the most popular in both Austria and Europe. This route takes you along side the Danube River. However, there are many more that will take you all around Austria. Hiking is another organic way to experience this country. There are tons of mountains, and so the places where bike riding would be hard, just hike there instead! There is no shortage of hiking trails and places to stay while you’re hiking.

Music, to Austrians and their culture, is an inseparable part of life. As the home of Mozart, Haydn, Beethoven, Schubert, and Strauss, Austria takes great pride in the music and the musicians that hail from their country. You can hear some world class opera, classical music, and jazz music in cities like Salzburg and Vienna. Also be sure to note, however, that folk music is an integral part of Austrian culture and history, and there are many, many people playing their own music on the streets. There are also tons of music festivals – one for every taste – during the summer.

Food is yet another part of Austrian culture, and Austria is no stranger to delicious food. You might have heard of or even tasted Weiner Schnitzel before, but you should definitely try this famous Austrian dish in its homeland. Other famous Austrian dishes are Tafelsspitz and Knodel. Bread is actually a very large part of the Austrian diet, and the making – and perfection – of it ensures that it is some of the best in the world. Definitely try a few different types.

As you can see, Austria is a place with a lot of things to see and do. The historical, artistic, and natural parts all combine to create a vacation destination that stands out from the others. Just don’t forget about your passport. Go online to fill out US passport application forms and get an expedited passport service.

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