Bangalore – An Astounding Destination

by garrett on February 8, 2012

Known as the Garden City, Bangalore is India’s information technology hub. As a unique combination of beauty from the gardens and the fast-paced technological industry, it makes for an excellent place to take a memorable vacation. Whether you are visiting for business or leisure, remember to fill out your pass port application while you still have time. Luckily enough, you can apply for one online.

Trip Preparation

Obtaining a passport for your trip to Bangalore is not the ordeal it once was. Most passport services are readily available to United States citizens online. Services available include passport renewal, replacement and expedition. This makes it much easier to receive a passport in time for any trip you may be taking. In terms of planning for an overseas vacation, passport issues should no longer be the hassles they used to be.

Things To Do

One of Bangalore’s best attractions is the Wonder La Amusement Park. This park features rides as well as water rides. This park is great for everyone, regardless of age. Known for its beautiful greenery, it is also very clean and complies with international safety standards. In addition to rides they also offer restaurants and food.

Religious Sites

If you are interested in exploring a religious and cultural side of Bangalore, visit Iskcon Sri Radha Krishna-Chandra Temple. This gorgeous temple is known for being absolutely serene and peaceful. There are a total of six shrines in the temple, and the entire complex is certainly worth exploring. If you are especially lucky, your vacation might fall under the dates when the temple holds one of its many festivals. Also – don’t forget to come hungry, because you can expect to be offered plenty of authentic Indian treats while you are there.


Shivasamudram Falls is another destination to visit in Bangalore. It is a great place to visit for any nature lover. Take a picnic lunch and relax among the beautiful views that Shivasamudram Falls has to offer. The perfect location to relax and enjoy all that nature has to offer.

Famous Gardens

If you visit Bangalore you should also consider a trip to one of their famous gardens located in Garden City. The Lalbagh Botanical Garden is renowned for its stunning scenery which offers 240 acres of pristine plant life. Some trees in this garden are over 100 years old. These gardens are a fantastic getaway from the commotion of the city. Another wonderful garden is Bannerghatta National Park. This park offers safaris for travelers who wish to get a more informational tour of Bangalore. Make sure you have kid American passports so you can take your kids.

In a place where culture, religion, and city life are all intertwined, Bangalore is a fantastic destination. Start planning your trip by getting your American passport application process and helping everyone in your family as well. Make sure the children have their kid pass ports and get ready for unforgettable vacation.

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