Bangkok – A Thriving Metropolis With Vibrant Culture

by erin on June 29, 2011

Notorious for its out-of-control nightlife scene and its the sleepless city ambiance and respected for the spattering of stunningly detailed palaces and temples, Bangkok, the capital and largest city of Thailand, offers a vacation experience that cannot be replicated anywhere else. No matter what you’re interested in – steamy parties in dark clubs, colorful markets, engaging culture, – Bangkok provides. Travel outside of US borders means you will need a passport, but getting your passports online makes a huge difference in speeding up the process.

Online Passport

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Large City

Taking a bike tour is the best way to cover the large city of Bangkok as time-efficiently as possible. While you’ll definitely want to avoid the very busy main roads, taking the lesser-traveled roads is actually a benefit, as you get to experience the daily lives of the people of Taiwan first hand, and this is invaluable. For the most part, those on bikes are able to travel pretty much anywhere a pedestrian can. For example, cyclists in markets, temples, neighborhoods, and even the country lanes and the farms. Bangkok has many canals weaving through it, and these make for another easy and fun way to explore the city. The public express boats make this easy.

Intricate Temples

When one thinks of Bangkok, images of wonderfully intricate temples come to mind. Even if you are in the city for different reasons, be sure to visit at least one of the temples Bangkok is famous for. Most of them can be found in Rattanakosin, also called the “Old City.” If you only have time to visit one temple, make it Wat Phra Kaeo, the Emerald Buddha. This is Bangkok’s most cherished temple and is absolutely gorgeous. This temple is in the same area as the Grand Palace, the beautiful building where the kings of Thailand used to reside. These kings would add another monument or building to the compound, resulting in the collection of incredibly intricate buildings that make up the area today. Wat Pho, or the Reclining Buddha, is 150 feet long as is the largest Buddha in the country, and it’s also worth checking out.

Siam Square

Shopping is a fun part of any vacation, and while in Bangkok, Siam Square is the best place to do a little spending. Siam Square is the more modern region of Bangkok, as opposed to the more traditional region with the temples. It’s the best place to hangout, shop, and eat, and it also has the largest aquarium in southeast Asia: Siam Ocean World.

Vibrant Culture

Bangkok takes the typical big-city ambiance and combines it with the beautiful and vibrant culture that makes Taiwan unique. Making a quick getaway to Bangkok is possible if you get your passports online. Other services are available too. American passport renewal, additional pages for your passport, and more can be ordered from this site.

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