The Characteristics That Make British Columbia Exceptional

by erin on July 21, 2010

Taking an international vacation doesn’t mean you have to take an airplane, and it doesn’t mean you have to spend a whole lot of money. I’ve discovered that some of the grandest vacations are as close as our northern boarder and that vacation destinations is Canada. Canada has so much to explore, and you don’t need a full passport to get there if you drive the family car. If, however, you chose to fly, you will need a passport and if you are in a hurry, an expedited American passport application is as close as your computer.

Today’s technology has made it so easy to get a passport. If you need a mutilated American passport replacement because you Labrador retriever chewed up your old passport, you can get one quickly and easily by going to an online passport website.

If you consider traveling to Canada, please consider British Columbia, a Canadian province that is to the north of Washington State, Idaho and Montana. Vancouver and Victoria are two large cities located in British Columbia that are exciting places for the whole family to visit. British Columbia enjoys the benefit of a very diverse population which is a real source of enrichment for the area. It has become a melting pot for people from as far away as Europe, Asia and even some Pacific nations bringing with them culture and history that makes this area so interesting to visit.

Vacations mean relaxation and in British Columbia, be sure you treat yourself to a spa treatment at one of their hot springs. The availability of different spa experiences are abundant here with the availability of a four star resort spa or a rural, wilderness spa. Whichever type suits you, you kind find it in British Columbia.

The natural scene of British Columbia is spectacular. With a tagline like “Splendor sine occasu” translated as “splendor without diminishment,” you can be certain that it’s beautiful. Seven National Parks and around 600 provincial parks are located in this province, each offering some of the most beautiful sights found anywhere on Earth. There are even three UNESCO World Heritage Sites located in British Columbia. So whether you’re looking to hike, canoe, mountain bike, fish, ski, or just take a leisurely stroll, British Columbia is a great place to do it.

One of the things that make British Columbia so special is the long aboriginal history it has. The array of nationalities is only a testament that further proves just how cultural British Columbia is. There are tons of opportunities – from tours to museums – that allow your family to gain a glimpse into the cultures, traditions, and ceremonies of British Columbia’s native inhabitants.

International travel is as close as your neighbor to the north and if you venture to Canada don’t miss the opportunity to experience the rich diversity that is found in British Columbia. If you need a passport, you can quickly get an expedited passport application online and if your dog has destroyed your passport, you can easily get a mutilated U.S. passport replacement. There is nothing standing in your way. With you travel documents in hand, just pack you bags and visit you fellow North American family. They can be found just a little north in the beautiful land of Canada.

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