Brother HL 2040 – Save Space And Money

by garrett on April 20, 2009

Space saving: The Brother HL 2040 Printer is a great little space saver although bit boxy in looks it is very compact measuring at a mere 6.5 x 14.6 x 14.2 inches and 14.3 pounds, still boasting with a two hundred and fifty sheet paper tray. A monochrome bargain laser for mainly text printing jobs. Just as light and easy to move as an ink jet taking up even less space.  It works great with Brother HL 2040 toner.

Paper size and type: Most paper types and sized are accepted including standard, letter, legal and A4 as well a special sizes. However letterheads, legal,envelopes or any thick paper you will have to be fed manually and individually at a time. The printer does not allow you to load thick paper into main drawer in any case.

Control Panel: The Brother HL 2040 Printer control panel is very user-friendly and straightforward with three warning lights and one “Go’ button for starting, cancelling, waking and error clearing of print jobs. The drivers loaded onto your computer will be your primary control panel.

Pricing: The printer is modestly priced at approximately US Dollars 170.00, ideal for tight budgets with medium quality and low quantity needs. The printer is highly rated in terms of affordability, performance and efficiency.

Print quality: This black laser printer produces a rather impressive twenty pages per minute at 2400×600 dpi, thus a flashy little worker with good quality laser printing for home. Text printing is good with font sizes set as low as four points still being easy to read with some jagged edging on diagonals as well as blemishing. Overall standards are very low. A great challenge achieved by the Brother HL 2040 Printer is the printing of closely spaced bold character still remaining separate. However photo and graphics quality is not good at all, to be honest just a cut above poor, with grained line art, obvious dithers, posterization and blow-out appearances with dark being overdone and highlights totally washed out. The printer also has two other great disadvantage in the form of a page curl tendency and askew printing on envelopes.

Guide: The user manual is well presented as installation and setup is explained extensively. Other same priced Brother printer options will have to be skipped as they are also contained in the guide. A user guide is also included on the printer software CD in PDF format.

No upgrading: No upgrading options in terms of additional trays for increased printing demand or double sided printing are available on this model.

Ports: The printer is chop-chop connected to your computer via USB or Parallel ports. Ethernet as well as wireless are unfortunately not available with this model or as upgrade.

Printer toner: Brother HL 2040 Toner starter cartridge is included with print with capacity of 1500 while your standard drum has a twelve thousand page capacity. Toner cartridges cost approximately US Dollars 60.00 and the printers drum assembly must be changed after every twelve thousand pages for US Dollars 115.00. Standard quantity prints the pricing is reasonable. For more information, check out our site

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