Discovering Budapest – A European Gem

by erin on September 27, 2010

Called the “Pearl of the Danube” and the “Little Paris of Central Europe”, Budapest is definitely a place worth seeing for yourself. This city is constantly regarded as one of the best cities to visit in the world, with beautiful parks, a living, breathing art and culture scene, and an amazing nightlife. Budapest is the largest city and capital city of Hungary, and its history started more than two thousand years ago, giving it a personality that simply cannot be replicated. And seeing all of this for yourself starts with filling out your pasport application forms.

Any international travel requires a passport so you can’t start out for Budapest without one. Getting a passport is easier than ever with many companies online offering U.S. passport expediting services. While many people question the reliability and safety of using an online site, many are totally secure and efficient offering a great service that adds to the convenience of getting a passport.

There is so much to do in Budapest and deciding how to spend your days or nights really relies on personal taste. If you are looking for a more cultural experience, there is much to accommodate. Castle Hill is a must-see, no matter what reason you’re traveling for. As one of most culturally rich places in Budapest, however, it’s a perfect stop for someone trying to get in touch with Hungary’s History. The Royal Palace is one of the most popular attractions here, and in it are three museums and a library, definitely enough to keep you busy for a day.

The Fisherman’s Bastion is another place worth visiting. From here, you get one of the most spectacular views of the city, as well as access to tons of places to explore. Statue Park is yet another notable site in Budapest. Full of some of the most impressive pieces of art from the Soviet era, it is definitely an invaluable cultural experience. The National Gallery is home to some of the most outstanding pieces by Hungarian artists.

A deep part of the Budapest character is found in the regions love of the arts. To achieve insight into the Hungarian art experience, you will need to be sure to visit the Hungarian State Opera House, an architectural masterpiece where operas and ballets are regularly performed. Plays and concerts are also presented here and take you to the heart of modern day Hungarian culture.

One of the landmarks mentioned above, Castle Hill, is only accessed on foot or by bike so you may want to consider renting a bike during your stay. This provides a great way to get around the city as it has been developed with bike comfort and safety in mind. Not only does biking provide good exercise but it is a low cost way to get up close and personal with the Hungarian people and a really great way to experience this beautiful city.

If you are looking for a little culture and a lot of fun, definitely make your way to the Hungarian capital of Budapest. With its incredibly rich history and friendly people, it’s a gem of a city located in Eastern Europe. Just remember that you’ll need your passport. Visit one of the online U.S. passport expediting services to get your preparation started. From here, you can download and fill out U.S. passport application forms and get your adventures underway.

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