Celebrity Footage Licensing: Guidelines To Use

by erin on February 17, 2011

Celebrity footage licensing is what is used by a particular celeb to allow a certain company to use their clips for different reasons. Before the celeb can agree to anything included in the agreement, they will have to look at it and see whether they will agree to all the terms and conditions that will have been set. It is always advisable to sign the agreement only after one has understood it and agrees with it.

One of the major reasons that most famous people need to have this agreement is so that they will not be taken advantage of. There are people who are out to use clips from celebs for their own advantage. With this kind of license, the celeb can take legal action on whoever uses their clips without their consent.

All the clips that the celeb will have can be surrendered voluntarily to the company of their choice. The selected company will help to release the clips on behalf of the celeb. Those who are not aware of what the license is for can ask their lawyer to go through it and advise them. There are several people that have suffered because they were ignorant that such a license existed.

One of the reasons it is important to have the license is because even if a company will approach the person to make one, the company will be aware of the things that they can do or cannot do. In case either of the parties breaks this agreement, the other party that has been affected will have recourse on what action to take.

There are many people who have been able to make money from using another’s footage without the person’s knowledge. Having a license to use the clip is good because if someone does not have a license, they can be charged for using someone’s material without their permission. Individuals whose rights have been violated will be paid damages if it is proved that their rights have been violated. This is the reason that the agreement should be drafted carefully so that neither of the parties will feel short changed.

There are so many details that are involved when coming up with a license. All the people involved are asked to be aware of all the details. There are many who have been affected because they were not aware of all the clauses that were included in the agreement. Once the person has signed, it the deal is sealed and there is nothing much they can do after that.

There are different organizations that give these licenses. Before one can get one, there are some terms and conditions they ought to have fulfilled. Each organization sets their own rules and regulations that they will expect all applicants to follow.

There are other advantages that a person can have through celebrity footage licensing. This will save them from many mishaps. It is necessary to have an agreement to protect the rights of everyone who is involved. There is nothing as bad as finding out that one’s clips were leaked to the public without the owner’s knowledge or consent.

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