Choosing The Best Guatemala Fishing Lodges

by erin on May 6, 2011

If you are passionate about sports fishing, a trip to Central America to test the waters off the Guatemalan coast can be a great idea. Before you book such a vacation, it would be wise to check out as many Guatemala fishing lodges as possible through the internet. This is a location that is famous for game-fish, choosing the right lodge can help to increase the enjoyment of your stay. Being able to relax in comfort after spending many hours on a boat can make certain that you are prepared and ready for the next challenge.

Lodge Comparison

When comparing a selection of lodges, and before you book your trip, there are certain considerations you should think through. The more time you spend researching various establishments, the more likely it will be that you find a lodge that suits your needs perfectly. Nobody would want to travel all the way to Guatemala only to feel disappointed by the accommodation and facilities.

Location Importance

Perhaps the most important consideration is to choose an establishment that is situated next to the water, you would not want to have to drive for an hour or so each morning before you even catch a glimpse of the Pacific. One of the best spots is Sailfish Bay, this location has helped to put the country on the international sports angling map, the waters in the bay are alive with plentiful large marine species.

Included Facilities

You should be clear on what facilities are important for you. Think about whether you would require a chef to cook for you, or perhaps you would enjoy cooking your catch each day yourself. If you want to keep your friends and family back at home informed about your activities, wi-fi access would be important. Only choose a lodge of which there are pictures of online, this will give you an idea of what exactly you will be provided for your money.

Reliable Guide

If Central America is a region that you have never visited before, it is important to have on hand a reliable guide. The lodge you choose should offer a professional guide to come with you on your fishing trips. This individual should be familiar with the best angling spots, and also be fluent in your language. Ask the lodge owners how many years their guides have been working with them for.


If you’ve any friends who have spent time in this area, they can help when it comes to choosing a lodge. Recommendations can ensure that the accommodation you choose is up to your expectations. If you do not known of anyone that has visited Guatemala, you can always search angling forums for expert advice and suggestions.

Request Details

Before you confirm your booking, make contact with the lodge owners and request details on what equipment they provide. It would be more than annoying to arrive only to find out that no gear is available for you to use. A professional lodge should offer all the equipment necessary to make your stay memorable.

Safety Notes

The final consideration is safety. Problems can occur that require medical attention, professional Guatemala fishing lodges should follow strict safety and health procedures. If there is an injury or sickness in your party, medical care should be available quickly. All of these ideas should be taken into consideration when planning a trip for Guatemala sportsfishing.

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