College Students Needing Drug Counseling For Adderall Abuse

by AdamS on July 30, 2012

Drugs like Adderall and Ritalin are generally prescribed for attention-deficit disorder. Despite legalities, the drug nicknamed “Addy” has been given the title of the most popular drug on college campuses across the nation. Students turn to it when feeling they need a motivator to get through their studies regardless of the consequences. Drug counseling for this proclaimed “smart drug” is becoming a necessity for students that struggle with the stresses of academic performance. More people even have to go through addiction treatment programs to overcome the dependence that has developed from abusing this substance.  Check out for more info on addiction treatment.

The Reason

If you were ever a college student you know how difficult it gets to finish the papers, assignments, and focus on studying. This popular drug promises to facilitate your journey to scholastic excellence with ease and enthusiasm. The Drug Enforcement Administration says that the drug is used for its psychoactive effects; to stay awake for abnormal amounts of time to study, lose weight, or to mix with alcohol and other drugs. Students that use it say that it makes you feel like you can take on any task when the amount of work would otherwise seem impossible to complete. The consensus is that students feel overwhelmed with the amount of work they are given combined with the pressure to excel. Adderall is now taking on the role that would have normally been filled by caffeine.

The Market

The guarantee of a better GPA with less effort is one incentive for college students to illegally obtain Adderall. It is easy to purchase anywhere on campus such as, libraries, dorms, and classrooms. On average, the drug is sold for around five dollars, and is easy to get because so many people are prescribed Adderall but never actually take them. As exam week approaches, supply and demand make it possible for distributors to sell product for around $25. Five dollars is viewed as a small price to pay to make the most out of the education that they are paying thousands for.

The Risk

The danger lies in the risk of dependence on the drug as well as possible negative effects that it can have on any preexisting medical issues. More immediate side effects from taking the drug include insomnia, vomiting, loss of appetite, nervousness, and psychotic episodes. On the legal side, Adderall is a controlled substance. This means that illegally possessing or distributing it is a felony punishable by $10,000 fine or a prison sentence up to 45 years.

The Warning

Adderall is a drug that affects the central nervous symptom by attaching to dopamine receptors in the brain that are responsible for feelings of pleasure. With long term and frequent use, the individual can become dependent on it in order to get feelings of happiness and motivation. This means that the drug is addictive and can lead to uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms that can last months. For the financial aspect, five dollars a day for a pill adds up to about a months’ rent. For most college students, that is simply a price that cannot be afforded.

Due to the significant increase in Adderall abusers and the addictive quality that it has, more people have to enter addiction treatment therapy to wean off of the drug. Many campuses are also starting to hold drug counseling lectures to inform college students of the dangers of using drugs to progress their academic careers. Healthy study habits and time management skills are being taught to incoming freshman so that they can attain scholastic excellence with integrity that will benefit them long after the turmoil’s of college life have come to an end. Go to for great info on drug counseling.

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