Crack Cocaine’s Fatal Toll

by AdamS on July 5, 2012

Crack cocaine abuse is still very much prevalent in the United States, even though it is not as big of a problem as it was in the Eighties and Nineties.  The slight drop off in the amount of crack consumed can pretty much be tied to the invention and introduction of all kinds of newer drugs like ecstasy and prescription opioids like oxycodone.  These new drugs are just as addicting as crack cocaine and in many places, easier to find.  The dangers of crack cocaine addiction are still very real and hundreds of people die each year from using it.  These deaths could easily be avoided if the addict would check into rehab and enlist the support provided by a cocaine treatment program. Check out for more info on cocaine treatment.

What Exactly is Crack Cocaine?

Crack is the crystallized form of cocaine which can be smoked or dissolved in an acidic solution and then injected directly into the bloodstream.  Its chemical properties are different than the powdered form of cocaine, in that crack cocaine can be vaporized at a temperature much lower than the powder form which cannot even be smoked.  The ability to smoke the drug causes a much more intense high and hits the user more quickly than if they were to snort the powdered form of the drug.

Why Crack is so Prevalent in the United States?

Crack is an incredibly addictive and dangerous substance.  One of the worst things about crack is the fact that it is so cheap and easy to find.  The powdered form of cocaine is a very expensive narcotic that only few people can afford to be addicted to, while crack on the other hand can be bought for less than ten dollars for a few rocks.  The invention of the crystalline form of cocaine made the substance available to more than just the rich; it made it readily available to the masses.

The Dangers of Using Crack

There are numerous side effects associated with using crack and they are very dangerous.  The first thing that happens when a person inhales or injects the substance is that the heart begins to beat faster and causes the individual to feel more awake and alive.  Then it causes a feeling of empowerment and euphoria which can be very dangerous as often people using the drug will feel like they are invincible and end up making very dangerous decisions.  The effects of using the substance generally only last a few minutes and leave the person wanting more.  Overdoses are very common because of that reason.

Even though the crack problem in the United States is not the epidemic it was 20 years ago, it is still a big problem.  The affordability of crack makes it a very appealing drug to the masses.  Without proper cocaine treatment facilities open to helping people who are addicted to this drug, crack cocaine abuse will continue.  If crack use becomes as prevalent as is once was in the 90s the United States will have a really big problem. Check out for more information.

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