Necessary Personal Documents For The Replacement Of A Damaged American Passport

by erin on October 29, 2010

A passport is needed if you are going to enter or exit this country. However, you might find that you have a damaged passport. You also know that a damaged passport isn’t acceptable. If there is anything that they can’t read, you can have some serious trouble in another country. This is why you need to get a damaged U S passport replacement.

Now, when you go to have your passport replaced, you will have a number of things to be mindful of. One of those things is the paperwork and other documents you will need to replace your passport. Let’s look at these so you need to know what forms you need, how to fill them out, as well as other things they will require. How much you have to pay is always helpful as well.

The first thing that you will find is the form which is an application for you to get a new passport. This is known as the DS-11. This will be signed in front of the people at the passport agency. If you sign it ahead of time as you can pull this form offline, then they will have you fill it out again and then sign it where they can see it.

There is another form that must be filled out as well. This is called the DS-64. This is the actual form to say that you have either lost your passport, damaged it, or it has been damaged. We will tell you to prepare you that they want intense details as to how the damage happened.

The other thing that one has to show is that they are indeed from the United States. To prove this, you either have to have your birth certificate or another document. This document comes from naturalization and says that you are legal and that you can indeed be here.

The other thing you will need are photos. These have to be two inches by two inches in measurement. They have to be taken on a white backdrop as well. If this isn’t done, then they will say no to your application. Once you have all this done, they then send this to the State Department.

Now, there are some of you who might need these as soon as possible. If you are in this position, you’ll need expedited passport services and proof that you are going to take this trip quickly. The other thing you will have to do is pay them. How much you fee will be will all depend on a number of things you are trying to accomplish. However, you do have to pay a State Department processing fee.

Now that you have a better understanding of these papers and such, you can get your damaged United States passport replacement. Why put your travel plans on hold any longer? If your flight is soon, standard processing may take too long. There are rush passport services available for those who don’t have the time to wait. So get to traveling, but get that passport taken care of. Don’t take a risk by not doing so.

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