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by erin on October 8, 2010

A Debix Coupon can be found for the program that is known for protecting your identity. The network offers credit monitoring so you are always aware of where you stand as well as an investigation team for any inquiries you may have. Here are a few other pieces of useful information on the program.

The Debix program offers members a restoration service that will handle up to one million dollars of coverage. This means that if your identity is stolen while you are a member of the program, the company will pay up to this amount to fix the issues with your credit and any other aspects including helping to prosecute.

The on-call credit monitoring will send you alerts on the phone, which is more helpful than any ignored email that other companies send out. There is a live on-call investigator who will be available should an attempt happen, too, which will file with your local law enforcement agencies. Below is what is included in your phone alerts.

The creditor where the account was opened as well as the kind of account that was created are both included. If you do not recognize the account as being yours, you would simply hit the star key on your phone. The account is then sent to an investigator who starts investigating immediately and will involve your local police department if this is required.

One of the least expensive options for consumers, Debix is well worth the minimal monthly cost. If you are a business in need of services, your customers are covered as well. Data breaches have increased almost fifty percent in the last two years. With the rising cost of recovering from this disaster, your reputation may never recover even if your wallet does.

The way your customers see you is imperative to your branding. If you did not make wise decisions, if customers were not protected or if you do not act on the breach fast enough, all of these are things, true or not, influence what customers will think of the company. Combat this by using the data breach solution for your company.

There are contracts available for this service that have no fees. This means that you only pay when the activation codes are actually used and not a penny before. You will get a preferred price and a dedicated specialist for your company. A branded site so that your customers can enroll along with you as well as an inventory of your own one use activation codes are included.

Included are different templates for letters that cover all fifty states that are updated monthly to offer to customers and a free support hotline with your company options are also available. You will also receive an incident response workbook and plan for the information audit along with instructions to help you along. You can rest assured that your data is safe when using this program.

There are a few different Debix coupons available around the internet. Some are for discounts on a twelve month identity protection program, while others are for a discount on a six month program. Depending on the time of month you search, the coupons will vary.

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