Decide to Conserve Your Earnings by Investing In Phaser 6200 Toner

by garrett on October 19, 2007

The Xerox Phaser 6200 line of printers give you quality print jobs quickly, making them a great, cost effective investment for the office. This line of printers from Xerox has many different models on the market, with a plethora of outstanding features to meet the requirements of any busy company. You should take particular notice of the Xerox Phaser Toner.

Xerox Phaser Toner is designed specifically for this model, and has several outstanding features. It is very dense, making for much less toner to be used for every page, lowering the cost per page. It also has a consistently high color quality, comparable to the quality of professional print houses. Since it blends easily, it can produce accurate color matching for each job.

The biggest stopper to owning the Phaser 6200 is the cost. The printer alone runs upwards of a thousand dollars. Some businesses for which print quality is a priority still dislike the price of brand name toner cartridges. At $100 or more for black and double that for colored toner, it is understandable. There are, however, third party manufacturers producing the same toner cartridges for far less money.

Compatible toner cartridges are a great way to lower printing costs. These cartridges are basically the same as the name brand product. You will receive the same qualities, rich colors, and high quality results at a much lower cost per printed page. The availability of these alternative cartridges makes the decision to purchase a high quality printer even simpler.

Finding Phaser 6200 compatible toner on the internet is normally quite simple. Some businesses offer these replacement toners at 20-50% less than brand name toners. This is true of both black and colored toners. With additional sales, even better prices are there to be found. Most of these distributers offer satisfaction guarantees with their non-brand name products. Some companies offer free shipping, and some have sales for new customers.

The Phaser 6200 printer toner fits the needs of many businesses, producing high quality print jobs quickly at a cost per page most businesses can afford. Buying compatible toner allows you to keep all of the print capabilities of the Phaser printer while lowering the cost of operation, and hence is an excellent business decision.

The Xerox Phaser 6200 printer generate fast, quality jobs making them a great investment for any office. This printer uses easy to mix Phaser Toner, yielding professional quality printing at low density. Cost is the main problem for both the printers and the toner, with printer prices often over $1000 and toner about $100 for black and $200 for color. Online toner sales are everywhere, with even more savings for large orders. Another way to economize is the use of Phaser-compatible cartridges which will work with these models at a much lower cost. Use of compatible cartridges may make the price more reasonable for many offices.

– Ben Pate

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