Increase Productivity While Reducing Expenses With The Dell 3100cn Printer

by erin on September 27, 2010

Dell Incorporated is one of the biggest computer hardware companies in America which manufactures and distributes its product globally. They are IBM compatible products having an Intel or AMD processor. Rebranded computer items, scanners and printers are successfully marketed. The flexibility and simplicity of the printers make them unique in the market. Dell 3100cn Printer with Dell 3100cn toner cartridge is such an offer.

Four individual cartridges are present in Dell 3100cn Printer thus making it a heavy product. It consists of a multiple purpose tray that becomes bigger as you slide it out. There are two trays in it. The top tray embraces 250 sheets, the multi purpose tray carries 150 sheets, and the output tray serves 550 sheets thus making a total of 950 sheets.

It has a speed of 400 MHz and a built-in memory of 128 MB. You can add to memory size of 1 GB. The printer has the facility of adding into a work group through its Ethernet feature. It has an in-built USB port also. It offers a print capacity of 23 pages per minute for black and 13 pages per minute for colored one.

Dell 3100cn Printer offers an affordable price, good quality, high performance and low sound in relation to its competitors. The new model offers versatile features than an old one. It has an amazing text printing quality making the small characters easy to read. The printer offers outstanding color results also.

Mostly it has been observed that the printers fail to become compatible with existing operating systems. But this product has been designed in such a way that would work well with numerous types of operating systems such as Mac, Linux and Windows. The display and buttons have been place at appropriate locations making everything visible and clear.

One of the mistakes that the people make during the buying process of the printer is the ignorance towards the sliding of paper trays. Dell 3100cn Printer has overcome this issue by offering large trays to embrace various sizes of paper. It would create easiness in sliding in and out of the papers while averting the jamming of the machine.

Another mind blowing feature of this printer is its expandability with the change in requirements. The product would not become outdated soon. On the other hand, the worst problem with the other printers is that they become archaic within a certain period of time and need replacements. Besides this, the ink and toner cartridges are easily available over the internet. If you replace the old cartridge with a new one, you would get the desired result.

Dell 3100cn Printer has a warranty of almost 1 year but by paying a little more you can increase the number of its warranty. A toll free number is provided along with the facility of live chat to its customers. The dell forums allow you to exchange free tips and tricks regarding product issues by the users thus making the product a huge hit. If you are not sure what to buy and have a lot of opinions then go for the Dell toner cartridges and printer. It will surely meet your expectations and hopes.

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