Denial And High Functioning Alcoholics

by Bridget on July 24, 2012

It is often very easy to spot the alcoholic at a party or social event, because they are normally very loud, obnoxious and uncoordinated.  Degenerate drinkers are usually very easy to spot because of how the alcohol has already put a strain on their lives and made everything much more difficult for them.  There is another type of person suffering from alcoholism that is much more difficult to spot.  These people are called high functioning alcoholics and they too need alcohol addiction treatment before their lives spiral out of control.  Check out for more information on addiction.

What Are High Functioning Alcoholics

A high functioning alcoholic is much different than a normal alcoholic, because normal alcoholics show the signs of alcohol abuse much more clearly.  High functioning alcoholics usually lead very normal, productive lives and have good relationships with their family, friends and coworkers.  Often it seems that they show no ill effects of abusing alcohol, instead they tend to be very successful at work, with academics and in their roles as parents.  Many of these individuals will completely deny they need any help with alcohol addiction because they have such control over their selves even when maintaining a drinking problem.  This type of behavior cannot last however, and most of these high functioning alcoholic’s will end up hurting themselves or their loved ones if they are left untreated.

Slipping Away

Many high functioning alcoholic’s will not notice the consequences of their alcohol addiction because the emotional and physical changes they incur will happen very gradually.  Over time the alcohol abuse will lead to a feeling of disconnection from society and their personal relationships will become more distant.  Overall they will begin to get less enjoyment out of most activities they used to really enjoy like going to the movies or a sporting event, unless they drink before they engage in the activity. These behaviors happen so subtly over time that they can be hard to detect, but they also can destroy relationships.

Convincing A High Functioning Alcoholic To Get Help

High functioning alcoholics are often unable to see that they have a problem, and convincing them otherwise can be a grueling process.  high functioning alcoholic’s are prone to having a powerful sense of denial because they feel like they have their lives under control.  It can be especially difficult to convince someone to seek help for alcohol addiction if they provide the main source of income for the family.  The alcoholic can make the argument that they have a successful career and provide for the family, which is usually enough leverage to persuade the family members that they don’t have a problem with alcohol.
The truth is that even though these people appear to have control over their alcoholism, they are on a very dangerous path of self-destruction.  It is usually only a matter of time before the alcohol begins to affect the high functioning alcoholic’s personal relationships and then spirals into a real mess.  The key to getting these people help at an alcohol addiction treatment center is to slowly chip away at their denial and make them realize the consequences of their drinking before it’s too late. Check out for more info on alcoholism.

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