Eating Disorders And Cocaine Addiction

by Bridget on May 1, 2012

Cocaine is an incredibly addictive narcotic that causes many problems for those who abuse it. Cocaine is a stimulant that affects the central nervous system that simultaneously works as an appetite suppressant. It gives users an incredibly powerful high. Since the high only lasts about 15 minutes to an hour, it can cause addiction very quickly. If you are experiencing an addiction to the drug, you should seek cocaine rehab as soon as possible. Detox centers Florida programs and California detox programs are great places to get help for a problem with addiction.

Cocaine Today

In today’s society, cocaine use has become more and more common. We see it on television and in the movies all the time. This has led to many young kids experimenting with the drug. What is so unsettling about this is that this can lead to long term addiction. If an individual abuses cocaine for long enough they can end up doing irreversible damage to their health.


Research shows that the development of binging behavior in the specimens altered their brain physiology which therefore left them open to a drug addiction. The research ultimately lead to the assertion that about 20% of rats are likely to develop a drug addiction when exposed to cocaine, but if a history of binge eating is present than that likelihood of addiction will jump to 50%.


The conclusion and findings of these studies mean that those in treatment programs need to focus on groups that not only outline the causes, effects, and coping tools to deal with eating disorders and drugs, but also, how to prevent a relapse as well as an addiction to another substance.In essence, this is further indication that those suffering from eating disorders as well as addictions need to seek treatment immediately. If they do not, they could face very serious health consequences.

Getting Help

When a former binge eater is working with their aftercare team, they can be made aware that due to their predisposition they are more likely to develop a cocaine addiction. Giving them the tools necessary to avoid such an addiction is imperative to a successful recovery. This should be true for anyone in recovery from drugs, alcohol, or an eating disorder. By educating them on the likelihood of forming another compulsion or addiction, they will be better equipped to stay in recovery.

If you or someone you know is dealing with a cocaine addiction, it is imperative that they get help immediately. If not, they could experience very serious damage to their health. This is just another example of why rehabilitation facilities are vital for individuals struggling with addiction. In rehab centers, an addict can understand what made them want to use drugs in the first place, and they can begin to learn methods for keeping their addiction in check. Some of the best places to get help for an addiction to drugs are at California detox centers and detox centers Florida.

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