Effective Details To Have In A Best Mans Speech

by Ben on May 28, 2010

There are some pretty standard elements that you can follow if you at a loss as to what to include in your best mans speeches. Within the speech is usually an introduction, a good memory or story about the Groom, and finally, the conclusion toast. Start your speech with an introduction. This lets everyone know first who you are and exactly how you’re related to the Groom, setting up the tone for the entire speech.

After your introduction, a variety of options are available to you. You want to create an atmosphere, a mood that sets the stage for the rest of your speech. There are different ways you can do this. Comment on how lovely the Bride looks, or start off with a funny joke or story. Make sure your jokes and stories are appropriate – there are young children and grandparents in the audience. Recall a past memory you and the Groom have experienced together, starting with how you guys first met.

A good memory is easy to talk about, and the genuine emotion comes naturally. The audience will appreciate your sincerity and your speech will be a hit. Even if you only talk about how you and he fought over the same girl in the fifth grade, people will tap into your emotion and will take account of it. You can talk about how you and the Groom first met or a defining moment in your friendship, like the time you two were camping in the woods and swore you saw Bigfoot.

Relate the unfolding of the relationship of the Bride and Groom and how they have ended up sitting there next to you on the Wedding Day. Talk about how they complement each others personalities and how great of a team they make. Maybe share some stories you know. The main goal of this part of the speech is to paint a picture of the couple for the audience, so keep that in mind.

The toast is the grand finale. It doesn’t need to be long or super dramatic. Give your best wishes to the bride and groom and extend to them the hope that they live a long and happy life together. The end of your speech needs to be heart-felt and meaningful, more so than the rest of your best man speeches examples. Avoid jokes or sarcasm; this is where you give the Bride and Groom their sendoff. You can insert a little friendly advice or a maxim to conclude if you like, and then prompt everyone to raise their glasses and drink for the couple. Now you’re done. Accept your applause and bask in a job well done.

You’ve most likely never have written a best man speeches examples before, so don’t hesitate to look up some pointers and examples. Whatever you decide to do, just make sure your best man wedding speeches is filled with your own thoughts.

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