Examining The HP LaserJet 2430n Printer

by erin on January 23, 2010

Printers can fill a variety of roles, but it is important when choosing a printer to make sure it covers all of your expectations. It is usually best to determine what specifications the printer must meet and what other areas are nice, but not necessary. There are countless areas that users may want to examine; we will be limited to just some that are more popular. The HP LaserJet 2430n printer using HP LaserJet 2430n toner will be compared to see what features it has and what roles it may fit.

Many people consider the speed of the printer to be most important when selecting a printer. Most companies will use two different speed benchmarks to describe their printer that can be important to a user. The first measure we will look at is the amount of time it takes from the moment the print is requested to the moment the first page is completed. The 2430n printer will present the first page in less than ten seconds after it is submitted.

An additional measurement of speed is the number of pages output in one minute of time. This will give you an idea how quickly larger print jobs can be completed. The speed rating for this HP printer model is 35 pages per minute.

Print quality can be important to many people as well. While low quality documents are good for rough drafts or interoffice memos, which is a great way to manage your usage of printer supplies, a print of good quality is a must when dealing with others. Print quality is measured in dots per inch, which is the number of ink or toner dots that can fit in one inch. The higher the number of dots per inch available the better the resolution will be of the printed output. Software technology also allows enhancing of the quality of print outputs without having to increase the number of dots per inch. The LaserJet 2430n printer has an output quality of 1,200 by 1,200 dots per inch, further enhanced with HP ProRes 1200, Resolution Enhancement technology. This will provide a professional looking output for graphics and text.

At this point I would like to point out another feature to be aware of when deciding on a printer. Often times you will see the stats above in two different ratings, one for color printing and the second for mono (black only) printing. I have listed only one number for each measurement as this model is a mono printer, with no option for color printing.

The faster a printer can print the more paper it will have to handle, or the more often the paper trays need to be filled. Additional paper trays may be purchased for many printers, so it is important to know what the standard capacity is and what the maximum capacity can be. The 2430n printer comes with 2 trays standard and can add one optional tray to reach the maximum amount. The standard input amount is 350 sheets of paper, with the maximum amount reaching 850 sheets of paper.

In addition to the number of input pages, it may be important to know the number of output pages the printer can handle. Having many pages available on input is meaningless if the printer stops because the output bin is full! However, it is easier to remove paper from the output area than to restock input trays, so the numbers most often will not match. This printer has capacity for a maximum of 250 pages output, which allows for quite a bit of printing before removal of pages.

The printer connectivity is important, as it will possibly determine how many users will be using the device at any period of time. This device contains a HP Jetdirect embedded printer server to allow multiple users to connect across a network. This eliminates the need for every desk to have a printer, and people can print as they require without having to leave their seat.

Based upon the areas discussed above the HP LaserJet 2430n printer would make an ideal small office or medium business printer that does not require color documents. The speeds are quick and handle both small and large print jobs in a timely manner. Images and text at this resolution will look fantastic and suitable to send to colleagues or customers.

And that’s the bottom line.  How does your final product look?  With HP LaserJet 2430n toner, the answer is always ‘excellent’.  That’s largely due to the quality of HP toner and you’ll find that obtaining new toner is a cost-effective move in your business.

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