Examining The HP LaserJet 3050 Printer

by erin on February 10, 2010

Examining the HP LaserJet 3050 printer using HP LaserJet 3050 toner will reveal to one considering purchasing this fine multifunction (copy/scan/print/fax) Hewlett-Packard machine a model fully capable in all aspects. Given the range of capabilities this device demonstrates across the board, it is a little surprising that it’s only selling for between $180 and $350 retail and new in the box.

For those entrepreneurs working out of the home, it’s hard to quibble with the idea of purchasing a multifunction machine that can copy, scan, print and fax. Certainly if one were to spend the money to buy each business machine separately, one could expect to spend several hundred dollars more. Always keep in mind that a multifunction unit is a balance between choices though, and all should be fine.

The LaserJet 3050 prints and copies in monochrome laser and is capable of handling up to 7,000 “impressions” per month. This is its monthly duty cycle, meaning that it can either print out or copy up to 7,000 individual sheets of paper per month before requiring standard (and very minor) maintenance, if any is indeed needed at all. This places it squarely in the middle in terms of its competition.

It is also a fairly lightweight unit, coming in at only 20.5 pounds. Additionally, Hewlett-Packard seems to have designed this machine to sit comfortably on a desktop or underneath a computer desk, seeing as it is only about 18 inches high and 17 inches wide. It should be able to sit out of the way and carrying out its tasks with little notice required.

This HP printer is also able to print at up to 19 ppm, making it an excellent number for a multifunction printer, which usually can only print out around 15 pages per minute. Print quality is fairly standard for Hewlett-Packard when it designs one of these multi-functions, being 1,200 dots per inch. This should be more than enough for almost every kind of print need.

Onboard paper storage is excellent, considering this is a multifunction unit. It has a 250-sheet automatic input tray and it can hold up to 100 sheets of output product, either from the copier or the included fax machine. The fax machine uses a 33.6 kb per second internal modem to handle its duties, and it can hold up to 110 pages within its memory.

It connects via a high-speed USB port, and the 3050 can run off of several different operating systems, including Linux, Windows (XP, 2000, Server 2003 etc.) and Mac OS 10.3 and later. This makes the HP 3050 a fairly versatile machine when it comes to operating system compatibility. It also has a standard 64 MB of memory, which should be more than enough for most any application.

Considering that prices for this machine are generally so reasonable (coming in at about $180 these days), and also considering that the HP LaserJet 3050 printer is a true multifunction machine capable of copying, scanning and faxing as well as printing, it’s hard to find much to quibble about when discussing it. For a small office or home office entrepreneur, it may be that this HP printer is actually an ideal candidate.

There’s sure to be no criticism about the HP LaserJet 3050 toner as HP, with their devices and HP toner, set the standards instead of chasing them.  Home business owners will appreciate the savings to be had when purchasing online replacement toner.

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