Expedited U.S. Passport – Now Don’t Put Off Before The Last Minute

by garrett on April 1, 2010

People who find the need to travel and get a passport often have plenty of time in order to send in the application and wait. This can take up to 8 weeks in some cases and there are instances that prohibit an individual from waiting that long of a period of time. Family emergencies or last minute business trips are just two of the reasons an individual may need to get an expedited passport in order to travel quickly.

An expedited passport can be received in as little as one to two business days should the need to travel be that great. There are online services that can help someone get their new passport that quickly. These services are quite easily found by going online and conducting a detailed search.

By choosing one of these services over the standard expedited service offered by the government, one can receive their new passport quickly. The government’s “expedited” service is four weeks and most people looking for speedy service simply cannot wait that long. The services offer a wide range of time frames from 1 to 2 days up to 7 to 10 days to have a new passport in hand.

In order to aid these services in speeding the process along, all the necessary paperwork needs to be filled out completely and correctly the first time. All the necessary forms can be found on their websites and printed out. They will assign a service agent to each applicant in order to answer any questions they may have in the filling out of the forms or any other paperwork that will be needed.

Copies of identification papers will be necessary in order to receive an expedited passport. The main one will be a copy of the applicant’s birth certificate. This must be a copy from the city, county or state of birth and has to have their seal on it. Ones without a seal will not be accepted and this includes certified copies as well.

Once all the paperwork has been accumulated and the new photos taken, all of this will need to be sent into the service for processing. The majority of these providers prefer the use of either FedEx or UPS as a carrier. By using one of these services, the package can be tracked the entire way and as it contains quite a bit of personal information, every care should be taken in protecting it.

The service, upon receiving the package, will then process everything and get the new passport back to you in the time requested. They are experts in this field and have worked closely with the issuing agency for years in making this happen. There is no better way available to get a passport quickly and with little to no effort.

The need for an passport expediting service, particularly in a family emergency scenario can be very stressful for some. A passport expediting service relieves that stress by taking the grief of waiting right out of the picture. When an individual needs a passport quickly during this time, the last thing they need is one more worry on top of everything else that is going on.

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