Extra Passport Pages For Passport Books

by garrett on April 1, 2010

The United States Passport book contains personal identity information in the front of it, then several blank pages. These pages are stamped upon entry into other countries. It is exciting for a traveler to get that first stamp on the passport. Some travelers even show their passports to others in order to boast about their exotic trips abroad. Eventually, the passport book pages are filled with stamps. If the passport is still valid, the traveler will need to order extra passport pages in order to continue using the passport.

Travelers may order additional passport pages from the U.S. Department of State. There is no charge for these pages when ordered through the government, a great thing in today’s economy. The drawback is that the process may take up to eight weeks from application to receipt of the additional pages. This will not be feasible for travelers whose vacation is quickly approaching.

The need for extra passport pages is often such a last-minute realization that it can be stressful to learn that the processing may take so long. However, travelers can quickly cross this item off their to-do list by ordering the extra pages from a private company who provides this service.

An Internet search will yield a list of private companies that process requests for additional passport pages. These companies offer processing times that are much shorter than that of the government. They also have a staff of professionals that can answer any related questions. A traveler will not feel lost in the shuffle when selecting this type of company.

The process of ordering additional passport pages is relatively simple, so it is likely that there will not be any questions. Several forms will need to be completed, but they are relatively simple and should not take too much time. The existing passport will need to have two to four blank pages in order to be eligible to be re-filled.

Travelers will find that these private service providers have various processing times available. Be sure to select the timeframe that works best and take note that different companies may charge different fees for the same processing time. Therefore, shop around to get the best bargain.

The provider’s Web site contains the forms that must be completed. Download and print out the forms, read through them, and contact the provider’s customer service team with any questions. The customer service specialist will provide accurate answers to any question. They have been trained on all aspects of passport processing, so even a question unrelated to the refilling of pages should not be a challenge.

Once the paperwork has been completed, it should be packaged with the existing passports and mailed to the provider for processing. The package should be contained in a sturdy mailing envelope and sent via a traceable method such as UPS or FedEx. This will ensure quick and worry-free delivery to the provider. The book containing extra passport pages will be returned within the desired time period and the traveler will be all ready to embark on the next destination abroad.

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