Eye Protection With Shades Like Hugo Boss Sunglasses Can Protect Your Sight

by garrett on April 26, 2010

These days it’s a given that a ‘healthy tan’ may not be so healthy, but did you know that your eyes, as well as your skin, can suffer the negative affects of the sun? The sunlight we see, and the invisible light we don’t, can cause medium and long-term eye damage. By wearing protective eyewear, Hugo Boss sunglasses for instance, you can keep your eyes healthy and safe from the damaging rays of the sun, and look great as well.

Sunshine glaring in your eyes is not the only reason for wearing sunglasses when outdoors. The sun also releases harmful beams that can damage the eyes and if you have children you should seriously consider having them wear sunglasses whenever they are out. Children’s eyes are far more sensitive than those of adults and wearing shades can help hold off long-term damage to their sight.

Don’t believe you can leave off the sunglasses on a cloudy day. Ultraviolet (UV) and high-energy visible light (HEV) can still harm eyes, even if the sun isn’t shining. Winter or summer, UV and HEV are still potential risks to eyesight.

UV rays can’t be seen, being outside the spectrum of human sight. UVB is what causes skin to burn and the cancers that can develop from that. UVB radiation can also cause cancer in the eye. Sunglasses need to block a minimum of a hundred per cent UV radiation to be safe, and these days even ordinary spectacles offer UV protection.

No matter what you are doing, when out and about you should wear sunglasses. Changes in the weather can cause a small reduction in harmful sun rays, but they are still present and causing potential damage to your eyes. If you are at a higher altitude UVB radiation is increases by one fifth for roughly every 1,500 meters in elevation.

Exposing your eyes to ultraviolet radiation causes injury to the retina, cornea and eye lens. By blocking out the potential harm of UV with sunglasses you can avoid cancers in the eye. Snow blindness and cataracts can also be prevented by remembering to wear protective eye-wear.

There are links between a high-energy visible light (HEV) and vision impairment in later life. HEV can break down the structure of the eye causing vision to deteriorate, particularly after the sixth decade of life. Makers of sunglasses are now starting to have their designs include HEV blockers in their products.

The eyes of children are affected even more than those of adults by the sun’s harmful rays. Just as you protect your child from sunburn, you should do the same for their eyes. Teaching children from a young age that sunshine can harm them will keep them healthier in later life. Making sunglasses a normal routine when they are out of doors can protect their eyes from harmful HEV and UVB rays.

No matter what you are doing outdoors, it is best to always wear sunglasses. Think of wearing your Hugo Boss sunglasses (or whatever your favorite) not only as a way to look great, but as insurance against potential damage to your eyes. You can look cool and keep your eyes safe from harm with these polarized sunglasses.

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