f All Your Office Printing Needs With the Lexmark Optra E450 Printer

by erin on March 6, 2010

There was a time when businesses ran to the printer to prepare huge mailings or print out company brochures. Times have changed dramatically, and these jobs can now be performed right in the office environment. Our national economic outlook is somewhat brighter, but many businesses are still trying to cut back where possible. The Lexmark Optra E450 Printer works with the compatible Lexmark Optra E450 Toner Cartridge to handle printing jobs cost effectively.

Printers are used every day in the workplace for a wide variety of printing jobs. They handle simple business letters to high quality transparencies for business presentations. People in the workplace rely heavily on printers to do their jobs effectively, so they need to have a system they can depend on.

The Lexmark Optra E450 printer is in the top quality line of monochrome black and white laser printers. The printer has 1200×1200 resolutions, so the copies come out looking neat, clear, and precise. In addition, this high quality laser printer is powered by 64MG of RAM, which can be upgraded to a massive 320 MG of RAM. Businesses will never need to add more memory with this enormous amount in their arsenal!

In addition to an impressive memory bank, the Optra E450 is fueled with a 400MHz processor to speed up the printing production. How does 35 pages per minute sound for optimal speed production for your printing needs? Companies can get a lot of printing work done in a short amount of time to increase productivity and improve their bottom line.

The Optra E450 printer has Ethernet connectivity so that the printer can be shared across a network. This is perfect for an office situation to ensure that many employees can utilize the printer from their computer. This high-powered laser printer can fit comfortably in a central part of the office to accommodate high traffic usage.

Some printers are hard to figure out, but this is not so with the Optra E450 printer. The printer has a panel display that is like a built-in tutorial to help solve any printing challenges that may arise. This attractive feature eliminates the guesswork and helps workers to accomplish their printing tasks quickly and efficiently.

The Optra E450 model comes with a 250-sheet paper tray, but businesses can add a second tray that can handle a total of 800 pages. Employees can produce massive office correspondence, such as letters, envelopes and brochures without having to add paper every few minutes. The E450 has the capacity to produce large quantities while maintaining an optimal quality laser printing performance.

The Lexmark Optra E450 toner is the catalyst behind the Lexmark Optra E450 printer’s high quality performance. The powerful, money-saving 6,000-page Lexmark toner will not run out anytime in the near future. Businesses can produce of a myriad of high quality office materials that look professional and save money. The Optra E450 printer and toner are the ideal team to print great looking documents quickly and efficiently.

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