Filing A US Passport Application Is Simpler Than Ever Before

by garrett on January 23, 2012

Getting a passport can be either a simple process or a tough one. All citizens in need of traveling abroad are required to poses this vital document. Everyone is required to have this legal traveling document regardless of their age. Note that infants or young ones under the age of 16 have some special requirements needed for them to be issued with one. The United States passport application is an easy process if one follows the necessary steps.

Plan Early

The initial step that you require to do is planning ahead or early. The first process takes like four to six weeks that is inclusive of the delivery process. In the scenario where you had not planned ahead and you urgently need the travel document, then you will need to get expedited services. These services are quite fast but it takes two to three weeks and they are quite expensive.


Ensure that you have your important documents with you so that when you are asked to present them, it does not result to giving excuses. Examples of these vital documents include an ID card, driver’s license and a certificate of birth. Such documents show that a person is a legal citizen of the country they reside in.

Travel Documents

If in any case this is your first time to apply for this document, consider getting the application forms from a passport agency or office. When you are present at the main office, you can get helpful information about the process and also answer or disclose useful information to the agency. It is also possible to download this form via the Internet but going to the office in person is also an option.

Complete Forms

Filling in the columns carefully is another aspect you need to ensure before you submit the form. You can submit the form yourself or give it to a person in charge of delivering it to the agency. Another simple way of delivering it is by dropping it off at your local passport office.


Ensure that you take two passport size photos. Be sure your pose meets the required standards. This is crucial because if you do not correctly follow the requirements, you will be required to retake the photo. Due to this fact, you are advised to hire an expert able to offer quality work. Such a professional should be able to understand all the requirements and provide you with a proper photo.


When in need of US passport renewal, you should consider the cost of obtaining it. Getting it through the regular process is not as expensive. When you want it urgently, you should go for the expedited services. However, though you can acquire the passport fast, you will be required to pay more for the services rendered to you.

For more information you can seek advice from your travel agent. The travel agent will surely help you out with the application process. The agents also make sure that you get the best services during this process. They will also inform you if you need to file for a United States passport renewal or if you need more documentation. You can hire a travel agent if you have none at an affordable rate. These agents will hasten your United States passport application process.

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