FreedomVoice Review – Variety Of Useful Features

by erin on May 28, 2011

FreedomVoice is a telecommunication system that has virtual phone system capabilities. These help in many ways such as answering the calls or directing callers to required extensions or voicemail rooms. These are very useful features to offer and also provide numerous types of communication services. You should look in FreedomVoice review on the Internet.

Feature Performs

The Call Forwarding feature performs the job of directing calls to the required extensions through your system. These are transferred while a caller dials required extension codes. This system sends calls on to the available phone numbers. The ACD Call Routing makes it easy to arrange features according to your own settings.

Internet Reviews

One can get all reviews through a little browsing on the Internet because they offer this information along with all features and descriptions. Their Voicemail Service contains various voicemail boxes that can be used to create more extensions for a department. These all very useful features.

Control Panels

Control panel facilitates in managing online services. It is used to handle the messages, rearranging settings and moving reports to other users. Fax service can work like an Internet fax device where the fax can be sent or received through the computer.

Call Screening

Call Screening allows you to control the entire system allowing the specified users of your liking to reach your virtual phone system. It also has many choices to block a call. FreedomVoice has made great progress and has achieved new heights in the virtual phone business. They have completely eliminated the charges for an 800 number. Through this service, they have provided a great benefit to their users.

Call Conferencing

The fee of conferencing a call is eliminated as well and it is free of charge for 1 year. The memory of the messages is extended to limitless time offering huge amounts of messages to be stored. One can block any number from calling and can also provide numbers that can call in on the system. This is done through area codes and exchanges.

Personalized Music

This system also offers personalizing music during the hold position on the phone to provide the caller with a time of relaxation while they wait. You can use that time for the introduction of your business as well by including pertinent information into the system. VoiceBlaster is the feature that allows forwarding a voicemail to the other associates.

Caller Survey

You can make a survey of the callers through asking questions and can book the orders as well. Group voice messaging offers another time saving service to send any important and instant message to the entire department. There are many more useful features of this service to facilitate your business.


FreedomVoice review is the place to show all features in shorter version such as WebLINK control panel, customer support, customize features, plans and packages, the charges for installation and monthly fees for virtual phone service. In short, the FreedomVoice system provides the ability to arrange personalized settings at your will.

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