Gastric Bypass Surgery Linked to Alcohol Abuse

by AdamS on July 13, 2012

It seems like researchers are always trying to find new links between what causes a person to develop a problem with alcohol addiction.  The newest study released in the Journal of the American Medical Association has found what they would call conclusive evidence that links patients who underwent gastric bypass surgery to having alcohol abuse problems.   That means that more people who are already suffering from obesity will wind up needing to go to Florida alcohol rehab or even stay in a residential rehab facility to get over their drinking problems after undergoing the surgery.  Check out for more information.

What Researchers Learned From the Study

The researchers surveyed nearly 2200 men and women who had recently undergone various kinds of obesity surgery within the last 3 years and asked these individuals questions about their drinking habits.  The study found that there was nearly a fifty percent increase in people who had started abusing alcohol after their surgery who had not had a problem with their drinking before their surgery.  Patients who received gastric bypass surgery, which is a procedure which shrinks the stomach, faced two times the risk of excessive drinking as other patients who received less invasive surgery options like stomach banding.

Interesting Trends Found

The research showed that most of the individuals did not have a problem with drinking before the surgery or even in the year to two years following the surgery.  However, after the second year following the gastric bypass surgery, a much greater number of people reported abusing alcohol.  The study shows a clear trend in alcohol related risk in the years following a gastric bypass procedure.  Fewer people reported having alcohol related problems after they had other weight loss procedures such as stomach banding.  Excessive drinking was noted by people who responded to the survey by stating that they often drank more than six drinks in a single sitting or experienced memory loss after spending a night of drinking.

Possible Explanations for the Increase

It is difficult to explain the reason for such a huge increase in the amount of alcohol abuse after gastric bypass surgery because the problems don’t occur directly after the procedure.  Instead, the problems begin to show up several years later and almost appear unrelated to the surgery.  One theory is that many of these individuals were very unsocial because they may have been embarrassed to go out in public weighing so much.  Following the surgery and a few years of really rapid weight loss, these individuals are likely to become more social and go out in public to drink with their friends and coworkers.

While researchers can not yet determine the reason why these people develop drinking problems, there is a clear link between weight loss surgery and alcohol abuse.  Quite a few of the people who underwent gastric bypass surgery will need to be checked into a Florida alcohol rehab or spend some time in a different residential rehab facility.  By getting help for their unhealthy weight issues, some of these people are actually hurting themselves in the long run because they develop alcohol addiction. Go to  for more information on residential rehab programs.

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