Getting Help For An Oxycontin Addiction

by Bridget on March 27, 2012

If someone has an Oxycontin addiction it may be necessary for them to undergo an Oxycontin detox. This process should only take place under the supervision of medical professionals. It is very unsafe to attempt a detox from prescription drugs by yourself. Medical professionals will be able to ease the pains of detox with medication. Prescription drug abuse has skyrocketed in recent years and it is now a problem that millions of people are dealing with. It is vital that someone with an addiction to prescription pills get medical help as soon as possible.


Oxycontin is a very powerful pain killer that is often prescribed by doctors to help people with health issues manage their pain. It is part of the opiate family of drugs and has very similar effects as morphine. It is very easy for an individual who uses this drug recreationally to develop an addiction to its effects. This is why so many people are developing chemical dependencies to this kind of drug. Another name for oxycontin is oxycodone. Some people suggest that doctors are prescribing these drugs with no regard for their side effects. If someone you know has developed an oxycontin addiction, do your best to convince them to go through an oxycontin drug detox.

Health Effects

There are not a lot of things more dangerous to an individual’s health than an addiction to oxycontin. In fact, many people overdose and die as a result of abusing the drug every year. It is especially dangerous to use this drug with alcohol. This combination can be very lethal. It is very easy for someone who uses prescription pain killers recreationally to develop an addiction. This is due to the fact that the drug is very powerful and can alter the chemicals in a user’s brain very rapidly. People should only take this drug with the supervision of a medical practitioner. No one should ever take any prescription drug without first consulting a doctor.

Developing An Addiction

The reason why it is so easy to develop an addiction to prescription painkillers is because the affect a person’s central nervous system directly. Once an individual begins to use oxycontin, they will start to develop a natural resistance to its affects. That is why people have to take more and more of the drug to feel the same effects they felt the first time they used the drug. This is how addictions are formed in people. No one starts off thinking they are going to become addicted to a substance, however, that is exactly what ends up happening with Oxycontin.

Overcoming an addiction to Oxycontin is a very difficult process. A person who has an Oxycontin addiction should go through an Oxycontin detox so that they can safely get all of the toxins out of their systems. A person should only go through such a detox with the help of medical professionals. It can be very dangerous to attempt a detox by yourself, as there are many painful side effects. Once this step is taken, it is a good idea for a person with a drug addiction to check into a residential rehabilitation center. There, they will get the medical help they need to get over their prescription painkiller addictions.

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