Getting Your Colleg Degree with Life Experience

by on May 30, 2008

As conventional as it sounds, you can acquire a life experience degree online. It is not indicative of unaccredited online degree scams, but rather can now be attained directly from reputable and accredited universities. It is perfect for students who do not have the extra money for tuition and time to get a regular degree program.

A life experience degree takes into consideration the experience that you have in a field. You may not have taken all the regular classes in the field that the degree is for, but you have learned by working instead of reading textbooks and attending lectures. They will evaluate the life experience that you have and give you credit for an equivalent number of courses taken.

Most life experience is accomplished in work environments as you move up the ladder in a career area. Normally, when you lack a degree you will hit a ceiling in your chosen career where they won’t promote you any more, just because you lack a degree. They will start giving promotion to people who are below you for the positions you want just because the promoted candidate has a degree. They may not give credit for what you already know.

When you apply to get a life experience degree they aren’t just going to take your word on it or look at your resume and give you credit for a bunch of courses. There also is no point in applying for the degree online from a school that you have not verified accreditation at.

There are some academic degrees that are unverified. They can be from a con artist, and can get you into legal trouble besides being scoffed at. Reputable universities will always verify your background, including proof of background, and often require entrance exams to demonstrate your ability before giving you your credits.

If you don’t possess a certain valuable skill, you might have to take a few classes with the rest of your abilities going towards your life experience degree online. If you can show that you meet all the necessary experience qualifications, you might get your degree within the month. You might also be required to test out of college.

It is in fact accurate that you can earn a life experience degree on the internet. This is not simply the province of “sleazy diploma mills”. This opportunity is ideal for individuals who can’t afford either the usual tuition fees or the number of hours of work required in a traditional degree program. But they may not offer credit for what you already know. While most of your skills might be credited to your life experience online degree, take a few classes if you know you lack some crucial skills. At times, you may need to take a test out of college.

– sheila danzig

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