Ghost Towns Located Around The World

by erin on June 22, 2011

Abandoned places have this strange charm that makes them interesting, and it has always been attracting people, which is evident in media and in pop culture. Books, video games, movies, and more often take place or involved abandoned towns, but what makes them such an interesting concept? Is it the fact that there simply are no people? Maybe it’s the lingering feeling of a sudden departure or of a general absence. Or maybe it’s the possibility of encountering ghosts or seeing strange phenomena. If abandoned places are something that interests you, you won’t have any trouble finding places to travel to. However, if you do decide to seek one out, you will have to get a passport first.

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The country of Cyprus is home to a very interesting ghost town named Varosha. Varosha was once a very famous vacation destination, as it attracted people from all over the world, celebrities included. With the Turkish Invasion of Cyprus, both the residents and visitors had to flee, and it simply never regained its popularity and has remained a ghost town ever since. Nature has started reclaiming the area. The buildings are slowly falling apart, and the car dealerships still have 1974 vehicle models on display.

Battleship Island

Off the coast of Japan is an island known as “Battleship Island.” The island’s official name is Hashima, and it was once a very integral part in the industrialization of Japan. The island was constructed to mine the coal that was located in underwater coal deposits. Working and living on the island was a crowded experience; the island has one of the highest recorded population densities in the world. Many of the people who worked and lived there were forced to do so. However, with the emergence of petroleum as the principle fuel source, Japan’s coal mine’s started to go out of commission, Hashima included. The island isn’t able to be explored yet, but officials are working on making it so.


One of the most mysterious ghosts towns is one located in Italy named Balestrino. Nobody knows exactly when the ghost town was actually constructed, but the town itself is very old. An old Medieval castle sits at the highest point and overlooks a mingling of other Medieval buildings as well as more modern ones. Remnants of old olive farms are still visible as well. A late 18th century string of earthquakes caused safety concerns, and all the residents have to leave. Because of the earthquakes, the city might not be standing for much longer, so visit while you can.

Ghost Towns

Ghost town visits can definitely spice up a boring vacation. If you are traveling anywhere in the world, it’s likely a ghost town might be nearby. Do a little research and see if you can’t squeeze it into your itinerary. Before you do though, be sure to get a passport. Online passport services make getting a new or replacement passport unbelievably easy.

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