Give The World As Your Gift: How Passports For Minors Make This Happen

by erin on July 10, 2011

When your children are finally able to travel to another country, they get an experience that is unique and deeply educational. They become a better person, possessing broader perspectives of the world and the country they were born. But before they can even step into the airport, they must possess their passports. The process of getting passports for minors requires early preparation and documents. Nothing more.

Personal Appearance

A personal appearance at the passport office is required for all applicants of all ages. A parent or a guardian, when asked to appear at the passport acceptance center, must accompany all minors below 16 years old. Children 16 or 17 years old may show up unaccompanied by adults but they must be able to show other documents proving parental consent allowing them to travel. All applicants need a filled-up Application for a US Passport or Form DS 11 when applying. This form is free and can be downloaded from the Internet.

Birth Certificate

Your children’s birth certificate is the most important document to be presented when they are ready to appear in the acceptance center. Your full name as a parent and that of your spouse must be present in the certificate. Other important information that must be present in the document includes your child’s full name, date and place of birth. The seal of the agency where you got the birth certificate must be evident.

Identity Proof

There are other documents that will be asked for from the parent aside from birth certificates. These are proofs of identity of the adult, which may include a driver’s license or the parent’s passport. After the documents are completed, the next step is paying for the application fee.

Wait Time

It takes four to six weeks to process a passport. Because of this long wait, everyone is encouraged to apply for a passport early. When you and your children need to travel right away, the passport application can be processed faster if the expedited passport processing option is availed. There is an additional processing charge for expedited processing. If you want to avoid the rush, simple apply for a passport for your kids early.

Certified Copy

If you have no immediate plans for traveling, it is still a good idea to get a certified copy of your kids’ birth certificate. This document is very important for their welfare and is also a required document in many situations. If you notice a mistake or something missing in the document, have them corrected at once.

Foreign Land

When our kids set foot in a foreign land, they gain deeper understanding of the world and the situation it is in. This deeper understanding is very important in these times when the people around the world are desperate for peace. Our kids will begin to appreciate their country more for bringing them up free from war, poverty, and ignorance.

International Travel

Because we know that international travel is an important experience for our children’s growth and learning, we must take steps in giving them their passports. It is not difficult if we start early. Get copies of all required documents early. Make sure that all information is accurate. Apply for their passports at least three months before any intended date of travel, even if applying for a replacement passport. If you have checked all of this, there is no reason you will find it difficult to get the passports for minors that your children will need.

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