Glancing At BMW In Los Angeles

by erin on May 31, 2011

Riding around inside a BMW in Los Angeles cannot help but bring a smile to your face. The way these vehicles handle makes them such a pleasure to use. For what is coming to be near a century, this legendary automaker has been producing vehicles that are well known for top quality and excellent handling. The letters of the name are short for Bavarian Motor Company, a portion of southern Germany that is hilly and highly scenic.

The Beginning

The year 1910 marked the beginning of this firm. Its point of origin was Munich and initially it made items for the aviation industry not cars. The logo gives a hint to this. White propeller blades are emblazoned on a blue background that represents the sky. White and blue are the colors of Bavaria’s flag as well. Among the scenic features of this province are both the Alps and Black Forest.

The Dixi

The earliest car model was the Dixi whose production began in 1928. It continued without a hitch straight through the depression. The 328 Roadster started the company’s winning tradition when it came to auto racing. Over 120 wins were earned from 1936 up until 1940. Once the war came to an end, victories started once again to amass.

Postwar Market

The postwar market in luxury sedans was growing and the company sought to take advantage through introduction of the 501. The follow-up 502 featured a revolutionary light alloy motor. This V-8 engine sealed the firm’s reputation as a leader of innovation on the cutting edge of technological prowess. The Isetta though was the decade’s top seller despite having an engine that only produced 12 horsepower.

Technological Advances

A Sports sedan called the 1500 sold well all through the 60’s. The decade that followed showed many advances in technology being introduced. Among the innovations were turbocharging and sophisticated electronics. The 3, 5, and 7 Series all were developed. All of these still remain in production and form the full range of luxury sedans the company offers. There is also an M Division for the most exotic performance cars.

Overseas Facilities

Once the 90’s began, the company decided to expand through overseas facilities. The first U. S. Plants were set up at this time. The company now came to be seen in countries all over the world as a leader of automobile design and tops in handling, quality, design, and performance. They have all it takes to make the ultimate in grand touring vehicles.


Looking all the way back to the 20’s, you can also find fine motorcycles being produced by this firm. They have, in the last few years, begun making a series of SUV’s. The full range of models today encompasses everything from compact coupes to large sedans. They are all of highest quality with superb handling. Although there are powerful motors on offer, indeed some with the highest horsepower of any production type, overall mileage of the fleet is relatively high. This comes from the attention paid to efficiency by the firm.

Versitile Use

A BMW in Los Angeles is suitable for any sort of driving use. It can be employed for commutes through traffic or speeding down an empty road. The latter option offers the most by way of fun. It allows one to see just how well these things will handle. There are many options for your vehicle preference so make sure to check out the BMW auto dealer.

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