Glaucoma Linked to Cocaine Abuse

by AdamS on July 3, 2012

In a recent study conducted by the Department of Veterans Affairs outpatient clinics, researchers noted a huge increase in open angle glaucoma among former and current cocaine abusers.  The research showed that cocaine abusers had a forty five percent better chance of developing open angle glaucoma later in life.  Open angle glaucoma is the most common form of glaucoma, which is the second leading cause of blindness in the United States, behind cataracts.  More studies will need to be done to confirm the link between cocaine use and the blinding disease, but for now it seems that there is another dangerous side effect associated with cocaine abuse.  People going through cocaine rehab should consider these side effects as a warning to stay off of the drug and prevent a relapse.  Check out  for more information on cocaine abuse.

Effects of Cocaine

Cocaine is a very powerful stimulant that affects the central nervous system in the user.  It causes the heart to beat rapidly and increases levels of dopamine in the brain which cause the sensation of euphoria in the user.  Depending on how much of the drug is taken and which way it is delivered to the body result in different effects.  Snorting a powdered form of the drug can produce pleasant feelings that last between fifteen and thirty minutes, while dissolving the powder in a liquid and injecting it directly into the blood causes a much more intense feeling but only lasts a few minutes.

Dangerous Side Effects

Aside from possibly causing glaucoma later in a person’s life, cocaine also produces a myriad of other dangerous side effects that can permanently damage or even kill the individuals who use it.  Regularly snorting the drug can cause a permanent loss in the sense of smell of the user.  It can also lead to severe nose bleeds and even create a hole in the person’s septum, which can only be fixed by plastic surgery.  Additionally, many cocaine users experience bouts of severe paranoia in which they sometimes hear voices or noises and lose touch with reality.

Deadly Potential

Users of powerful stimulant drugs like cocaine are risking their lives every time they snort, smoke or inject the drug into their bodies.  These drugs can cause acute cardiovascular traumas such as heart attacks.  Most deaths associated with cocaine abuse are a result of cardiac arrest.  These risks are compounded when individuals use other drugs in conjunction with cocaine.  Often, drug users will drink alcohol or take other stimulants when they are using cocaine and the combination will end fatally.
Overall, the dangers of cocaine abuse should be enough to convince people to stay away from the terrible drug.  However, due to its addicting nature, it can be very hard to quit using the drug.  For those individuals who currently have a cocaine problem, they need to be helped and checked into a cocaine rehab facility before they permanently damage themselves or die.  If you or someone you know has an addiction to drugs or alcohol, please get them help immediately.  Check out for more info on cocaine rehabilitation programs.

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