Visiting Goa – The “Pearl Of The Orient”

by erin on December 31, 2010

One of the reasons people travel to Goa, India every single year is it’s pure uniqueness. Goa simply does not have a counterpart. What makes it so unique and interesting is the characteristic architecture, the huge number of religious shrines and buildings, the unique culture, and it’s location in the Western Ghats mountain range, a reported biodiversity hotspot. Goa attracts vacationers because it is just unlike anywhere else in the world. Traveling requires a passport, and if you are planning on going to Goa, start by filling out a passport application on the internet.

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Goa is substantially different from other cities in India. This phenomenon can be attributed to the Portuguese occupation of Goa that lasted for over 450 years. As a result, the Indian and Portuguese cultures have blended into the unique Goa culture that we see today. Very old Portuguese churches still stand in some parts of the city, and a variety of museums have exhibits detailing Goa’s cultural heritage and development. The Bom Jesus Basilica, a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site, houses the remains of St. Francis Xavier, the patron saint of Goa. Don’t miss out on shopping in Goa as well, as handmade crafts and natural finds are popular things on the market.

The beaches of Goa are naturally stunning, further emphasizing Goa’s attractiveness. A trip to Goa is definitely far from done if you haven’t spent a long day laying by the seashore. It’s difficult to avoid the picture of palm fronds waving in the ocean breeze while in traveling in this city. Both Anjuna Beach and Colva Beach are good choices for a beach day, and surfing, sailing, water, skiing, and scuba diving are popular activities as well. Anjuna is close to the popular attraction Chapora Fort. If you have a little bit of energy to spare after your day at the beach, definitely check it out. Arpora, a village in close proximity to this beach, have bazaars on Saturday nights which are a great way to get to know the culture.

If you are a lover of animals and nature, definitely be sure to visit some of Goa’s many nature preserves. As talked about previously, Goa is a hotspot for biological diversity, and you can experience some of this by visiting preserves like Mandovi-Zuari Wildlife Sanctuary, which happens to be the highest rated in India, as well as Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary, a place popular for its multitude of bird species.

Whatever the reason for your visit – seeking spirituality, wanting to relax on the beach, encounter wildlife, or experience cultural diversity – there is no doubt that you will find it in Goa. Get things started by filling out a passport application. If you already have a passport, then your next step is renewing passport documents.

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