God, Honor, Motherland: A Vacation To Poland Is One You Will Always Treasure

by erin on July 8, 2010

Are you in the process of planning your vacation and are trying to think of a destination that is provide a rare glimpse back into history? Do you want to have the opportunity to experience a real European style adventure without the European style price? May I suggest you look into a visit to Poland? Located in the heart of Europe, the food, music, history and culture of this country are appreciated all around the world but to experience all of this firsthand, you will have to have a passport. As you begin making your plans, make sure that each member of your family gets a pass port application, fills it out and submits it as soon as possible. This can be done quickly and safely but using the service of an online passport agency and as convenient as going to your computer.

One of the top things to do in Poland is to enjoy a ski trip. As one of Europe’s best kept ski secrets, the slopes and resorts of Poland resemble those of France or Italy, but are much more affordable. Winter and summer are both excellent times to experience Polish skiing, and all you need is a passport. Getting a replacement USA passport is easy as a couple of clicks. Those looking to escape the city scene simply need to look to the snow-capped mountains on the horizon.

Biking is among the most preferred methods of travel within the boundaries of this country so if you are in good physical shape, you might want to try this method of getting into the heart of this fascinating country. In the city of Krakow, Krakow Bike Tours has an excellent reputation regarding guided bike tours. You have the opportunity to travel in a group with a guide to be sure you visit all the best locations and are provided information about each to make your experience back into history really come to life. Some choose to bike alone and simple explore and experience the people and places of Poland without the constraints of a prescribed schedule. Whichever method you choose, biking is an excellent opportunity to blend into the local population and experience the Polish people in a unique way.

Speaking of Krakow, it is one of the oldest cities in Poland and is actually the second largest metropolitan area. Found in this fascinating city, the Historic Center of Poland has been named to the list as a World Heritage Site. Rich examples of Polish art, culture and history permeate this city and treat the visitor to experience a connection with the Polish people while visiting the many shops and cafes that populate the city streets. Biking and walking are popular in this country and the accurately named Krakow Free Walking Tour is available daily and is a great opportunity to increase your knowledge and experience of the treasures that exist in Krakow.

It is impossible to mention Poland without calling your attention to the city of Auschwitz. The horrific incidents that took place here create a scare on our planet that can never be forgotten. The Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum provides the visitor a journey back in time with pictures and evidence of the horrific tragedies that occurred there. While barbed-wire walls kept the imprisoned souls from escaping, the truth of what occurred is historically documented for all to see.

A visit to Poland is a trip back in time that will provide an opportunity of a lifetime and one that will never be forgotten. It is important to remember that every member of your family must have a passport to travel internationally so get a United States passport application for each member of your family and get the process going. Whether you need a new passport or a replacement US passport, you can get what you need quickly and easily by going to your home computer and accessing one of the online passport agencies. You will avoid the stress and confusion of trying to do all the work yourself and your transaction will be efficient and secure. Get your passport and get ready for a European history lesson you will not soon forget. Come to a secret gem of Europe. Come to Poland.

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