Going On An International Vacation To Africa

by Bridget on March 20, 2012

One of the most spectacular tourist destinations in the world for adventure seekers is Victoria Falls in Africa. It is one of the most stunning places to visit in all of nature. If you are going to travel to Africa you must remember that you will need to show customs officials a valid United States passport before you will be allowed to travel abroad. Thankfully, getting a passport if you are a United States citizen has never been simpler. If you need passport services such as a passport renewal, you can simply go online and find a passport office that will be able to assist you. After you receive your new United States passport in the mail, you will be ready to start planning your trip to Africa.

Things To Remember

It is imperative to remember, if you are going to be traveling overseas to Africa, that you will need to present a valid United States passport to customs officials at the airport. You will not be allowed to travel, for any reason whatsoever, if you do not have your own passport. Also, if you are already overseas and you lose your passport, you will not be allowed to reenter America until you get a replacement United States passport. You can rest easy knowing that it is easier than ever for Americans to get their passport needs taken care of in a timely manner, however.

Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls is the world’s largest waterfall. It can be found on the Zambezi River in Southern Africa between the countries of Zambia and Zimbabwe. It is not the highest waterfall in the world nor is it the widest. However, it is the largest waterfall based on it’s width of 5,604ft and it’s height of 345ft. This makes it the largest sheet of falling water in the world. The waterfall is also home to a series of gorges. There are six gorges, in which the third one contains the Victoria Falls Power Station.

What To Consider

When it comes to visiting Victoria Falls there are many things to consider. Like what time of year you will go and what side you will see it on, Zambia’s or Zimbabwe’s. Depending on the season you can also experience a very different Victoria Falls. The rainy season is from November to March which means the water volume will be much higher and more dramatic. The dry season occurs from April to October this means a much lower water volume, however you will get a nice view of the rocky ledge that is underneath the fall, but the actual site of the flowing water will be less impressive.


There are many wonderful things to experience when you visit Africa. Besides visiting the world’s largest waterfall, you can do many other exciting and spectacular things. There are many wonderful restaurants and hotels you can visit while in Africa. Also, you can take guided tours of Africa that will expose you to the wonderful culture the continent has to offer.

Unlike in the past, getting a United States passport has never been easier for American citizens. All you need to do is go online and find a passport office that can help you with passport services such as passport renewal. Once you receive your new United States passport in the mail you will be able to start planning your international vacation. If you are trying to decide where to travel to abroad, consider going to Africa to view the spectacular Victoria Falls. It is one of the most impressive sites in all of Nature. Again, you must remember, if you are going to take a vacation to Africa, you will need to show customs officials a valid United States passport.

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