Grab A Pint – A Brief Guide To The People And Places Of Ireland

by erin on June 25, 2010

Green as in shamrock green will be the color of your adventure if you decide to set sale for Ireland. But while Ireland can boast some of the most beautiful green spaces in the world, Ireland is certainly a lot more. You can visit ancient castles or wonder through museums. Visit some of the world’s most famous golf courses or picnic within the view of Irelands legendary ocean side cliffs. But before you can enjoy this paradise, you and your family will need a passport, even the smallest in your party. And passport for kids are easily obtained from a passport agency and you can find all the information necessary from your home computer.

Ireland is rich with history and culture and visiting the right places will insure that your family doesn’t miss out on the best of this beautiful country. Ireland’s rich history is seen around every corner so whether you take a guided tour through one of their medieval castles or investigate a museum all on your own, Ireland’s story will unfold before your very eyes. At some point during your visit, you simply have to visit Blarney Castle, home of the world famous Blarney Stone. As legend has it, by kissing the Blarney Stone, you are certain to gain eternal eloquence. Another interesting site is passage tomb in Newgrange in County Meath. The UNESCO has named this site a World Heritage Site. It consists of an enormous burial mound which covers an acre of land and is strangely illuminated by sunlight on the winter and summer solstices. It’s a site you won’t want your family to miss.

Now you can’t visit Ireland without spending some time in an authentic Iris pub. Irish bartenders will be happy to treat you to some of the most famous beers in the world as you enjoy the sight, sounds, and local people. The Irish people are warm and friendly and sharing daily joys and problems in these drinking establishments is a rich part of Irish culture. But remember, international travel demands that you have a passport so if yours is lost or damaged, U S passport replacement can be accomplished quickly and easily with the use of your home computer or by visiting a local passport office.

One of the best attractions of Ireland is simply exploring. Whether it’s getting lost in the streets of Ireland’s villages, hiking to see a beautiful mountain vista, or discovering a castle, simply letting Ireland guide you is one of the best ways to experience the country. Two popular places to hike are the Mountains of Mourne and Rathlin Island, both of which are said to feature some of the most beautiful Irish landscapes.

The heart of Ireland can be found with a health beat in the city of Dublin. This large city provides each visitor with an active night life scene or a relaxing beverage at one of its many street side restaurants. Beer lovers won’t want to miss the Guinness brewery. One of the most famous Irish beers, Guinness has been made in Dublin for over 250 years and after your brewery tour, you will be treated to a free pint of Guinness at the Gravity Bar. Shopping at its finest can be had on the streets of Grafton and Henry and after you finish making your purchases, night fall will make the theatres, pubs and night spots in this charming city irresistible.

No greater vacation can be had by your family than one to Ireland. Whether will a group of friends or with your family, this beautiful land is spellbinding but you have to have a passport to get there. And a kids passport or a USA passport replacement can be acquired easily at your local passport office and requirements are available online. First get your passport, and then get your suitcase packed and head to Ireland.

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