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by AdamS on July 17, 2012

Anyone who has struggled with heroin addiction knows how challenging it can be to quit.  The withdrawals that happen during the heroin detox process are very painful and last for several days, which can cause a lot of addicts to have relapses during the process and never actually get clean.  Anyone who has a problem with heroin abuse should seek out treatment before the drug ruins their lives and the lives of the people around them.  Check out for more information on heroin detox

Some Facts About Heroin

Heroin is made from processing the Asian opium-poppy plant.  The same plant is used to make other opium derived drugs such as morphine, codeine and the more synthesized opioids like oxycodone and methadone.  All of these drugs have similar effects on the brain; mainly they bind to the pain receptors of the brain and make it harder for the body to feel any pain.  These drugs can be prescribed and utilized to effectively stop chronic or acute pain.

Why is Heroin so Addicting?

Heroin and other opiates are extremely addictive because the brain develops a tolerance to them.  It can take larger and larger doses of the drug to obtain a similar feeling that a small dose used to give the user.  When addicts begin to take larger doses, their tolerance increases and they can eventually overdose and die.

Side Effects Associated With Heroin Use

Aside from its ability to block pain, heroin causes a myriad of other effects when it is ingested.  It has the ability to slow the central nervous system which causes breathing to become slow and labored.  This can deprive the muscles and the brain of precious oxygen and can lead to major complications.

Dangers of Using Needles

Other side effects of heroin use stem from how it is delivered to the body.  A common method of using heroin is by injecting it directly into the bloodstream.  Anytime individuals start using needles without proper sterilization, the list of diseases they are exposed to dramatically increases.  Some diseases associated with needle use are HIV and Hepatitis which can also be deadly.  Using needles to inject heroin is also terrible for the veins and many heroin users suffer from collapsed veins in their arms and legs.

Where to Find Treatment

Being addicted to heroin does not need to be a death sentence.  There are plenty of ways to get sober and stay away from heroin.  Although it is possible for some people to quit heroin through an at home detox process, the best method is to go to a heroin detox clinic.  At a professional treatment center, doctors and nurses will be able to guide the suffering individual through the difficult process and help them with the painful withdrawal symptoms.

Finding a heroin detox clinic is not that difficult, there are plenty of drug treatment facilities all across the nation.  Heroin abuse should not be taken lightly, as it is likely to destroy the lives of those suffering from addiction.  Please find help for anyone you know that is suffering from heroin addiction, it could very possibly save their life. Check out for more information on heroin.

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