Hidden Dangers Associated With Heroin

by Bridget on May 23, 2012

Heroin is a drug that has left many families in shambles, whether dealing with a heroin addict in the family or losing a family member to a heroin overdose. Heroin is a dangerous substance and is overwhelmingly becoming more popular as some heroin is even cheaper than prescription drugs. Teens are more likely to experiment with prescription drugs, but if with the dip in heroin prices depending on the area, more and more young people are experimenting with heroin. Often the signs are less noticeable for heroin users as opposed to other drugs however heroin treatment centers are when it comes to the detox process, treatment process, and relapse prevention surrounding heroin addictions.


Heroin is so dangerous because it often times is made on the street meaning it will contain different properties which may have deadly consequences. Recently Texas featured headlines outlining the deadly effects of “cheese heroin”. Cheese heroin made its debut about a decade ago and there seems to be a generational lapse in memory as people keep reverting back to it.


Perhaps education regarding drug use should change. Perhaps there should be a shift; instead of just preaching abstinence, the prevention services should also focus on how dangerous heroin really is. That it truly is a game of Russian roulette. Parents and educators alike should promote dialogue regarding drugs and answer questions in an honest manner and not just use scare tactics.

Heroin is a dangerous drug and it is also highly addictive. For this reason many who do garner an addiction to heroin often need long-term management to not suffer the effects of heroin withdrawal.  These management strategies include the use of methadone or other narcotics along with drug addiction rehab to ease the pain and prevent a heroin addict from relapse.

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