Celebrating Your Love With A Honeymoon To France

by erin on June 10, 2010

Honeymoons are a fun part of getting married.  If you are trying to decide where to go, think about France.  If you love romance or nature, France is a perfect place to make new memories.  It might not be exciting, but you might have to get your name changed on your passport.  It is easy to do, and it is more convenient than ever.

France is so beautiful.  Artists have always loved to visit there and become inspired by the scenery and landscapes.  There are rolling hills and grassy plains all over the country.  The gardens at Luxembourg Castle are a beautiful place to visit.

Paris is one of the most well known cities in France. There are many things that young couples in love can do in the city.  You might try a visit to the Seine River.  This is a popular kissing spot, and it will be so romantic to celebrate your marriage with a kiss in the city of love.

Paris is known for its cafes on the sidewalks, featuring all sorts of food and wine known world-wide, and for being truly romantic.  Walking the streets of Paris is an adventure with all of its boutiques and other eye-catching dwellings.  Traveling all over the world really allows you to see how unique the world really is.  In order to travel across the ocean, you must remember all of your paperwork such as visas and passports.  You can download an application for a passport on a reputable website without ever leaving home.

Visiting historical France is a great way to feel like you have gone back in time.  There are Medieval castles all over the country, and they are an entertaining way to spend your trip to France.  Have a kiss on the Eiffel Tower and see the whole city of love from the top.  You can also get another view of the city from the Arc De Triomphe or Notre Dame.

Now that you are about to be married, you are going to spend hours and hours and hours planning your wedding- every single detail. However, it is important that you set aside ample amount of time to plan your honeymoon too, as it is an extremely important celebration of your love with your new spouse. Also, remember your new name! The bride will have to get a U.S. passport name change. If she does not have a passport, she can get a passport application form from a trustworthy website.

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